Helping a Loved One Cope with Facial Trauma


Accidents and other unfortunate incidents can lead to devastating results. When a loved one is unlucky enough to experience facial trauma, it can affect them not only physically. The emotional and psychological effects also often leave a long-term mark.

In particular, facial trauma won’t only leave physical scars but can also damage their confidence. The injuries may heal, but it can take a long time before they regain their confidence. What can you do to help them cope?

Encourage proper treatment

It does not matter what caused their facial trauma. What matters most is that your loved one gets the necessary treatment the soonest time possible. The sooner they seek professional help, the faster they can receive the right treatment. For example, if the injury caused the dislocation of teeth or a misaligned jaw, they may need facial imaging to check the extent of the trauma. If they require maxillofacial surgery, help them consult with a competent oral surgeon in Kokomo in Indiana or any areas near you.

Of course, the type of surgical intervention your loved one will need will depend on the type of facial trauma they have. Thankfully, many oral surgeons in Indiana offer advanced techniques in addressing facial trauma. By helping your loved one get the kind of treatment they need, you can help them regain the confidence they lost after the incident.

Seek justice if another party is at fault

Different things can cause facial trauma, and these include fall accidents. There are also times when one can end up with facial trauma after playing extreme sports. Others are caused by someone’s negligence, while some due to assault.

If another party causes your loved one’s facial trauma, then it is only a must they receive proper compensation for all their pain and suffering. Filing a claim and getting compensation will not only aid in their treatment and recovery. But it will also help regain their confidence knowing someone is willing to help them obtain the justice they deserve.

SupportOffer them with unconditional support

Your support matters more now that your loved one has low self-esteem. So, always make them feel loved and welcome despite their current condition. Remind them of their achievements and good qualities. Validate their negative feelings but encourage them to stop comparing themselves with others. Make them feel that they still deserve to be happy and feel loved.

Reassure your loved one that they are still the same person even after the incident. It may be hard to cope with low confidence, but in time, they will learn how to deal with their current condition. You can also recommend them to attend counseling where an expert can help them start boosting their self-esteem.

Many facial trauma patients are left with low esteem. Imagine living with a permanent scar or injury. You can get curious stares everywhere you go. By letting your loved one know you’re there to support them, you can slowly help regain their confidence. It may take time, so try to be patient and full of understanding.

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