Haircuts You Should Try in 2020


The new year gives everyone a feeling of starting fresh—setting new goals, trying new things, and advancing in your current craft. In that case, why not kickstart your year with a new haircut? For women, most notably, sporting a unique style of locks tends to feel liberating. It isn’t just about mending a broken heart anymore; it can now symbolize empowerment and motivation to be anything you want.

If you’re a professional hairdresser, the new year must excite you even more because you can introduce tons of new styles to your clients. So whip out those trusty thinning shears and see these hairstyles that will make the cut for this year’s most trendy.

1. Classic Bob

A bob is one of the most versatile haircuts out there. If you have coarse hair, this style can be your go-to because it can give you some much-needed volume. It’s also perfect all year round, so you don’t have to worry about being too cold in the winter and being too hot in the summer. If you wish to go more old school and edgy, try the cheekbone-grazing 90’s bob. Just remember that a bob looks best when the length doesn’t go below the mid-neck. So if you have long hair, make sure you’re entirely ready to cut most of them off.

2. Long Bob

A variant of a bob cut is called a long bob or “lob” for short. If you’re not 100% comfortable with short hair, a lob that reaches your collarbones at least might work better for you. (And that’s the ideal lob length.)

3. Textured Curls

If you have natural curls, 2020 is the time to embrace them. Enhance it further by giving it a smoother texture. Especially with the winter going on, your locks can dry faster, diminishing its shine. Simple use some hydrating and curl-reviving products to maintain its sheen, and reduce your use of shampoo and heated styling tools.

4. Fluffy Long Cuts

Short hair might receive more hype, but long hair deserves the spotlight, too. If your commitment to lengthy locks is still intact this year, enhance them by giving them a fluffier and more feathered texture. This hairstyle is particularly in during the 1970s, so sporting it gives you a luscious retro look. Consider it a homage to the iconic years.

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5. Cropped Bangs

Cropped or baby bangs give you a playful and carefree look. Not everyone can pull it off, but if you have long and curly locks, it might just look perfect in it.

6. Pixie

A pixie cut is one of the most daring hairstyles you’d ever get. It has a few benefits, too, such a dealing less with split ends and strands getting caught on jacket zippers and the like. If you have thin hair, then getting a pixie cut can give it more volume and liveliness. Use bold accessories like big earrings and colorful bobby pins to accentuate your short hair.

Reasons to Get A Haircut

A haircut isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. It also prevents damage, particularly by eliminating the split ends, which are the tiny white bulbs at the ends of your hair that splits into two strands. If unattended, the splits can go all the way up the entire hair length, causing further damage.

If you have colored hair, especially a bleached one, your locks can also be more susceptible to damage. If you notice that the ends of your hair have become lighter than when you first dyed it, then it’s a sign to get a haircut.

Heat damage from using hot styling tools often can also be mended by a good haircut, along with deep conditioning. If your hair has gone frizzy, then it’s most likely a victim of heat damage. Go to the nearest salonfor a fix!

And of course, the best reason to get a haircut is simply that you want to. As mentioned, a haircut tends to give women a liberating feeling, so enjoy it and get any style that you can be confident in!

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