Get Rid of Sleepless Nights by Helping Your Partner Stop Snoring


After a hard day’s work, we all need to get an ample amount of quality sleep. As you lie in bed at night, you wait for the sandman to take you into dreamland. But then, the loud snoring begins.

People who have loud-snoring partners often get many sleepless nights. You may not think much about it as you’ve been dealing with this for some time now, but your partner’s snoring can already be damaging your health. Not only can having poor-quality sleep lead to irritability, fatigue, and dark circles under the eyes. It can also weaken your immune system, increase your blood pressure, and put you at risk of weight gain, accidents, and other health conditions. But how do you cope if your partner can’t help snoring?

Encourage them to sleep on their side

Some people snore when they sleep lying on their backs. This happens since the base of the tongue as well as the soft palate falls back, which, in turn, causes the vibrating sound. If this is the case, gently move your partner so that they will be sleeping on their side.

Giving them a body pillow also works, as it encourages them to sleep on their side. If they still snore loudly no matter what position they sleep in, then consider taking them to an excellent ear, nose, and throat doctor in Denver. They can help identify the real cause of snoring and start proper treatment right away.

Suggest that they exercise with you

at a yoga class

Weight gain can be the culprit behind your partner’s snoring, especially if they have gained weight in the neck area. Since gaining some fat in the neck squeezes the throat, it can help trigger the snoring. While your partner may not achieve weight loss after staying active, this can help reduce their loud snoring. Keeping themselves fit and toning different muscles can also lead to toning the throat muscles. The less pressure squeezing the throat, the less snoring that can happen.

Clean your bedroom more often

Many people with allergies snore once their allergy is triggered. Dust mites, dirt, and other allergens could be lurking in your room, causing your partner’s allergies. What you can do is to start cleaning the bedroom more. Change sheets and pillows often, vacuum the room regularly, and do not allow the pets to stay in the bedroom. Clean out air filters often and invest in HEPA filters for good measure.

Keep them hydrated

Dehydration can also cause snoring in some people. So coax your partner to drink more water. Also, try to encourage them to limit their alcohol intake. If they do drink, then it is best that they sleep five hours afterward.

We all deserve that good night’s sleep. But this can be an impossible task if your partner often snores loudly in their sleep. Learn how to deal with their loud symphony with the help of this list. If everything else fails, then consulting a doctor may be your only hope so that you can finally rest peacefully at night.

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