5 Ways You Can Get a Makeover a Day Before a Party

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Everybody’s been there. You’ve been invited to a party tomorrow night, and you want to look your best. But you don’t have the time or money for a complete makeover. Your mind spirals into a panic, and you start to doubt your fashion sense.

Don’t worry! With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can definitely still pull off a fabulous look with just a day to spare. You can still do plenty of things to give yourself a little boost before the big event. Here are five quick and easy ways you can get a makeover before your next party.

1. Get a new hairstyle.

If you’re stuck in a hair rut, now is the perfect time to try something new. Ask your stylist for a style that will be easy to maintain and won’t require too much time to get ready in the morning. If you usually wear your hair down, why not try an updo? Or if you always wear it straight, perhaps some curls would be fun? With so little time, it’s probably not worth trying to recreate an intricate style you saw in a magazine. But if you’re open to trying something different, your stylist will likely be able to come up with something that looks great.

Many salons are booked solid days in advance, but some stylists keep a few slots open for last-minute appointments. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these open slots, jump on it! And remember that even the simplest hairstyle can be dressy with the addition of a pretty clip or headband. So if you’re in a bind and can’t make it to the salon before the party, don’t despair. Just put your hair up in a ponytail or bun, add some sparkly jewelry, and you’ll still look fabulous.

2. Update your makeup.

Applying makeup is an important part of getting ready for a party. However, with all the other preparations that need to be made, it can be easy to forget about this essential step. One way to avoid this last-minute scramble is to update your makeup the day before the party. This will give you plenty of time to experiment with different looks and find the perfect appearance for the occasion.

Take inventory of your current makeup situation and see what needs to be updated. Toss any old makeup that has expired — foundation, mascara, and lipstick only last for six months to a year. Then, hit up your local drugstore or the mall for some new additions to your collection. Be sure to pick up a long-wearing lipstick or lip stain that will last all night long and some waterproof mascara in case you get caught in the rain or tear up on the dance floor.

So next time you’re getting ready for a big event, be sure to plan ahead and update your makeup the day before. Your future self will thank you!

3. Go to the dentist for a quick touch-up.

While most people dread going to the dentist, there are some quick and easy ways to make sure you’re looking your best for a big event. If you’re hoping to get a bright, white smile for a party or other special occasion, schedule a visit to the dentist for a teeth whitening treatment. In just one short session, your teeth can be several shades brighter.

Another way to spruce up your smile is to get same-day implants. This quick and easy dental procedure can give you a brand-new smile in just one day. This involves placing implants into the jawbone to support new teeth. The whole procedure can be done in a single day, and you’ll walk out of the dentist’s office with a brand-new smile.

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Whether you’re getting your teeth whitened or same-day implants, schedule your appointment for the day before the event for the best results. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your new smile.

4. Invest in some new clothes.

Have you ever had those nights where you spend hours looking through your closet, trying to find the perfect outfit for a party, only to come up empty-handed? But there’s an easy solution: invest in some new clothes. Having a few key pieces you know you look good in can save yourself a lot of stress (and time) when it comes time to get ready for a big event. Plus, if you buy your clothes ahead of time, you can avoid the last-minute rush to the mall (and the accompanying feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the choices).

You don’t need to break the bank either — just head to your favorite fast fashion retailer and pick up a few trendy items that you can wear again and again. A great pair of heels can also make any outfit look more polished and put-together. So next time you have a party on the horizon, take some time to update your wardrobe — it’ll make getting ready a breeze.

5. Get a mani/pedi.

Getting a mani/pedi the day before a big party can help you get set and feel your best. Here’s why: first, it’s a chance to sit down and relax. You can catch up on any last-minute details while someone else takes care of your nails. Second, it’s a great way to pamper yourself and prep for the party. A professional can help you choose the perfect polish color and style, and they’ll make sure your nails look their best.

It’s also a nice way to treat yourself before the big event. After all, you deserve it! Go for something festive, like glittery polish or even temporary tattoos on your nails — just be sure to seal them with a top coat, so they’ll last all night long!

The most important thing you can do before a big event is to relax and take care of yourself. So take some time out for yourself the day before the party and do whatever makes you feel good — whether that’s getting a new hairstyle, updating your makeup, going to the dentist, investing in new clothes, or getting a mani/pedi. You’ll feel and look your best self in no time!

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