For the Best Skin, Look No Further than Your Fridge!

Natural oil

They say our skin is like grapefruit when we’re young. It’s all smooth to touch and beaming with confidence. However, when we’re already beyond our teenage years, our skin slowly transforms into a raisin, with the rough edges sticking out and all the smoothness evaporating into thin air. It’s one heck of an analogy. The sad part is it speaks some measure of truth, telling you reality indeed bites.

But not if the fridge can’t help it. Without batting an eyelid, Priyanka Chopra, Miss World 2000 winner and world-famous Indian wife of singer/actor Nick Jonas, pointed out how seeking organic entities from the refrigerator has helped her in developing head-turning gorgeous skin. Now, who can argue that? Indeed, it’s becoming increasingly clear that seeking the fridge isn’t just benefiting the stomach but also the skin.

Eat Your Way to a Jaw-dropping Skin

The Greeks have it right. You are what you eat. And this no more apparent than in getting a radiant youthful healthy-looking skin.

Know that fruit and veggies harbor powerful antioxidants that counteract the harmful effects of free radical damage to the skin. As much as you want to, you cannot totally eradicate free radicals in your daily life.

The most mundane everyday things starting from pollution and sunlight can be a source of free radical damage. Add to that list cigarette smoke and industrial solvents and you know getting rid of free radicals is next to impossible.

For stunning results, gun for at the very least five portions of fruit and vegetables daily. You can start by taking in ample amounts of beta carotene from sweet potatoes and lutein from spinach to facilitate proper skin cell growth and healthy skin tone. Alternatively, you can count on carrots and papaya.

Then there’s Vitamin C, a superantioxidant. It can help make your skin looking radiant, not to mention aid in healing blemishes faster. Be aware that there is a slew of fruits you can choose to get a healthy dose of Vitamin C. Chief among which are kiwi fruits, guava, blueberries, and tomatoes to name a few.

Even better, many of these fruits and vegetables that promote healthy skin also promote greater overall health. So you’re down to a win-win situation. By eating these organic foods that give you better-looking skin, you also raise your wellness a notch higher.

But that’s not all there is to it. Fruits and veggies also help heal your skin when inflammations and infections occur. To this effect, a diet makeover should serve you well. For instance, you will have to minimize eating processed foods when you want to avoid acne spreading even more. In lieu thereof, you can take on whole grains along with your rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

The Magic of Natural Oils

Natural oils

Moreover, a host of natural oils can help you in your quest for better-looking skin. Examples of these oils include coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and moringa oil. It’s highly likely you’ve overlooked such organic finds with the advent of today’s cosmetics.

But the use of natural oils goes way back to Ancient times. Ancient Greece had its athletes use olive oil when competing against one another. That way skin glows appearing more luminous.

The reason why natural oils are so effective in promoting skin health is they’re teeming with a generous amount of vitamins and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and K. This is also the reason why natural oil for skin therapy works wonders. And it’s not just beneficial for the skin. It’s also good for the hair and the scalp.

Coconut oil for instance has shown exemplary antibacterial and antifungal properties. This is why it is used to fight such health complications as Chlamydia and the development of thrush.

Further, a host of natural oils display skin anti-aging that is simply overwhelming. Moringa oil and olive oil have been shown to effectively put wrinkles to a minimum and shrink those enlarged pores. But that’s just for starters. These oils have also been effective in facilitating the reduction of stretch marks and blemishes.

The good thing about oils is that since they’re lipophilic, their ability to penetrate deeper into the skin is tops. This means they work from the inside out, trapping moisture and keeping all those moisturizing goodies inside while putting harmful toxins away.

To get the best results for your skin, you need to do a timely makeover on your diet. Put a priority on getting your generous share of fruits and vegetables. Added to that, you should explore the use of natural organic oil to the best of your ability. Once you’ve incorporated these in your routine, you’ll know developing a better relationship with the fridge shouldn’t be a turn-off. Rather it should be top of your list.

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