Fishing Tips: Ways to Reel in Halibut Effectively

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Alaska is a prime destination for those who love fishing. The state’s last frontier characteristics make it a choice habitat for many fish species, including halibut, one of the prized catches. Many make their way to Alaska just to catch this fish. The best time to catch halibut is from May until the middle of September. If ever you decide to go to Alaska for a fun, exciting halibut fishing trip, here are ways to catch this fish effectively:

Which Bait Should You Use?

Experienced fishers cite the ideal baits are geoduck clams, fresh herring, or belly parts of a salmon. Depending on your skill level, you might want to start with the herring. This bait has a tougher texture, which allows it to “cling” onto the hook for long periods. This will enable you to lure the halibut in and even give you enough time to reel it in. Before embarking on your trip, remember to freeze the herring and add some salt-water brine on it as this keeps it firm and stiff.

What Type of Equipment Should You Use?

The rod, reel, and line are essential in any fishing trip, so invest in quality items so that you’ll not only catch more but also won’t spend more on replacements and upgrades as often. Experts say the ideal length of the fishing pole is around six to seven feet long and comes with a double-action reel. The braided-nylon line must be long and strong enough to reel in halibut. Others recommend a sturgeon rod, but this is lighter compared to the pole just mentioned. You can consider that rod if you don’t want to tire out too soon after a few hours of fishing.

What Lures Should You Get?


You have several lure options. There are rubber types that look like an octopus or one that resembles a hoochie skirt. There isn’t a particular type that works best and improves your chances of catching halibut. Pick one that you think gives you the best chance of a catch or one that has helped you catch this type of fish more often. One thing to remember is that halibut “smells” food, unlike other fish that are visual by nature. Add a scent on the lure to make it more attractive to the fish.

Should You Use a Circle or J-Hook?

The choice between a circle or j-hook is up for debate because, for some, the j-hook does the job for them, while others say the circle hook works best. A rounded hook allows the fish to eat the bait, which then buys you time to reel it in slowly and finally catch it. The j-hook is ideal if you want to “set” it then pull up the rod before you reel the halibut in.

Fishing is a fun activity if you have the patience and time to do it. Catching halibut in Alaska is one thing you can do to spend the holidays. The techniques and tips mentioned above allow you to lure, reel, and catch halibut easily.

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