Excellent Breakthroughs in New Sprinter Vans

Sprinter Van

Are you ready to ship your items to gain more profits? The new Sprinter vans continue to go above and beyond, giving commercial vehicle drivers the utmost convenience and confidence on the road. You can get reliable assistance from the best dealer of Mercedes Benz Sprinter van in Utah or any other state. This guide will unravel the latest about Sprinter vehicles.

Two Distinct Automatic Braking Systems

  1. When the Sprinter discovers that there’s a significant difference in the speed of the vehicle right next to it, it produces an audible warning to the driver. This gives you the chance to hit the brakes to avoid a mishap while you’re on the road. Just in case you fail to hit the brakes, the Sprinter will clamp down the stoppers automatically. The anti-lock system creates grinding noises when this happens, but it will dramatically save you from a disaster.
  2. The second automatic braking system uses a radar. The device is located in the rear bumper as part of its back cross-traffic alert scheme. Through the radar, the Sprinter can sense if there’s a crash risk with the vehicle moving perpendicular to it. The automatic braking system comes into action when this situation arises to protect the driver and the passengers.

Open Door Warning

The new Sprinter model can help you prevent opening the doors when the system discovers that there’s a bicycle or car approaching. The vehicles give you a sound warning to call your attention to become aware before you open the vehicle’s door.

Drive Away Support

Interestingly, the new Sprinter models can detect if there’s an item that can obstruct its travel, especially when you’re leaving the parking space. Once the sensor discovers that something might impede your journey along the way, the system automatically limits its speed to three kilometers per hour or 2 miles per hour. This is another brilliant idea of Mercedes Benz to protect you while driving, providing you with ample time to brake and doge a collision with another vehicle on the road.

Active Lane-Keep Assistant

man driving

The active lane-keep support gives you a more natural highway driving, as the vehicle helps you remain in the respective lane for your safety. Here’s how it works. There’s also a sensor to monitor your driving behavior. When the Sprinter detects that you are leaving the safe lane, the system slowly guides the van back to the right path by stopping the opposite-side wheel.

The individual wheel braking mechanism gives you convenience, rather than steering the rack manually.

What Sprinter Users Say About the Vehicle

Allowing you to brake smoothly makes the Sprinter van a seamless vehicle to maneuver. Since it’s fully equipped with sensors and cameras, you will have peace of mind while driving on and off the road. With its state-of-the-art technologies, parking your vehicle becomes nearly effortless.

A Sprinter van is a must-have. You can be sure that you’ll reach your destination safely. Bringing your goods gives you confidence that they remain intact and you can enjoy higher profits through your business. Get the best Sprinter van now from a reputable dealer near you.

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