Different Ways to Spruce Up Your Life Using Decorative Stamps

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For anyone born with artistic talents, anything blank can be their next canvas. From blank book covers to stark walls, their imaginative minds will take control as their hands do the work. But for people who aren’t as talented but would still love to do some DIY personalization projects, the task can be a struggle. First of all, it’s easy for us to get intimidated with doodling ideas we see on the web. We lack confidence in our limited art skills, so why risk doing hand-drawn or written art?

But doing our magic to our personal belongings isn’t impossible at all. With stamps instead of pens, we can add life and color to any bare surfaces. We can achieve a DIY personalization project we can be proud of! From romantic floral stamps to whimsical mermaid stamps, anything can make our uniqueness radiate.

Stamp Ideas for Home Items

Rubber stamps aren’t just made to be used on paper canvases. If you’re okay with adding more detail to your plain wooden tabletops, coasters, or fabrics, stamping them up can instantly do the job.

If you’re decorating larger items, select large stamps as well with bolder designs. The ones you use for your scrapbooks and stationery may not work the best unless they’re used for smaller items.

You can stamp table napkins, pillowcases, and curtains. Lay them flatly on a table or any even surface to decorate them seamlessly. If you want the stamps to have a more textured finish, try stamping using a sponge — stamp on the sponge first, then quickly dab the sponge onto the fabric. The effect would be marvelous, as no result would be the same.

Tile coasters are also stamp-friendly. You can use them as new table decor or give them away as personalized gifts. Your plain lamp shade also makes the perfect canvas; stamp along the bottom to create a cute border. You may also add stitching work and watch bits of light pass through the tiny holes. Doing this can create a more dramatic lighting effect.

Stationery Stamping ideas

letter in a blue envelope

Begin with stationery if you’re new to stamps. Handwritten letters and greeting cards make the perfect personalized gift accompaniments. Plain envelopes will look more lively with decorative ones. Use not only a single one, but fill the entire space with different designs. Depending on your personality and taste, you can either go for bold designs and colorful inks or simpler, cleaner designs with more muted colors. Or if you’re leaning more towards the minimalist side, you can stamp only one corner. Whatever you decide on, your letter envelopes will be one-of-a-kind with stamps on them.

If you’re fond of traditional aesthetics, postage stamps are still available in post offices. If you’d like to take your old-school love up a notch, you can send your letter via snail mail and surprise your recipient. It’s a rare, almost nonexistent treasure nowadays to stumble upon a personal, handwritten note in our mailboxes. Make the tradition alive again by sending out messages to your significant other, family, or friends during special occasions.

Keep on practicing using scratch papers until you master the right way to stamp on any suitable canvas. Next thing you know, you have a unique assortment of home decor and everyday items. Your letters and greeting cards are also more personalized than ever. From using stamps, your love for art may develop more, inspiring you to try more types of handicrafts until you gain more confidence in creating art.

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