Different Types of Burial Options as a Deceased’s Final Resting Place

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No matter how much we take care of our health, we will all reach the end of the road once our life here on Earth is done. However, there are ways to preserve your memory even if you have long passed on.

One way is by choosing a burial option that will also serve as your final resting place. For one, your options for caskets abound in many funeral parlors in Salt Lake City or elsewhere near you. However, there are also other burial options you can choose, depending on your personal beliefs, family traditions, and financial limitations.

Things to consider when choosing among burial options

For one thing, there is no right or wrong choice in choosing a burial option. It will all depend on the abovementioned factors. At the end of the day, we all just want your deceased loved one (and even you in the future) to have a decent burial and everyone paying their utmost respect for the deceased person. Among things to consider when choosing a burial option include the following.

  • Do you prefer a traditional burial or consider unconventional alternatives (e.g., sea burial, crypt interment, etc.)?
  • Do you want your burial to be environmentally-friendly?
  • Do you want to be buried indoors or outdoors?
  • Does the cemetery have rules and regulations regarding burial property management (e.g., regular cleaning and maintenance, placement of flowers, option for an upright or flat grave marker, etc.)
  • What are your personal and your family’s beliefs regarding death and burial?

Burial options

As mentioned, there are different burial options you can choose from. Among these include:


This is one of the most popular burial options in the world. Caskets are usually made from either wood or metal. It also usually requires purchasing a piece of cemetery land to bury the casket and serve as the deceased person’s final resting place. Cemeteries also offer property lot options, including:

  • Family lot. Intended for several family members
  • Single-depth burial area. Intended for one individual only, and then marked using either a flat or upright grave marker
  • Double-depth burial area. Intended for two persons wherein one will be buried deeper into the ground and the other will be placed on top of the other
  • Mausoleum. Can be in the form of a house or building that is usually designed for up to two persons.


This is another burial for those who prefer to be buried above ground. Urns which contain the deceased ashes can be buried in a columbarium, a lawn crypt, or a mausoleum.

Sea burial

This is one unconventional burial option. It has been actually practiced since the early times but is not as popular nowadays as using caskets and urns. This is also one way to pay respect for a deceased person who loves the sea.

Green burial

Funeral wreath with pink flower on a cross, in a cemetery,

More and more individuals are considering a green burial to produce a minimal impact on the environment. Basically, it still honors the dead without creating a negative effect on our natural resources.

These are only some of the burial options you can choose from. As mentioned, there is no right or wrong in these burial choices. At the end of the day, honoring the dead by having a decent burial should matter more beyond the burial option you choose.

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