How You Can Spend the Changing Season in Sydney


Everyone has their favourite season to go out when the weather is agreeable to their wants. There’s a time when they don’t have to layer or strip down too many clothing pieces. Then, there’s another season to bundle up to stay warm and comfortable. Some months have vegetation woken from slumber, and they can enjoy various fresh food.

Of course, people like you stay optimistic that the ongoing health crisis mellows down by this September so that they can spend a day or more getting in touch with nature while keeping abreast of local COVID-19 rules. If not, which hopefully does not happen, take this as an opportunity to better plan your dream escapades. Here is a rundown of the ultimate destinations to visit and enjoy the changing seasons in Sydney.


Geographically speaking, the coastal city of Sydney can be summed up into two contrasting landforms: the flat Cumberland Plain and the Hornsby Plateau just above the Harbour. To this, Sydney owes its rich array of hiking trails that are just as exciting as the infamous Blue Mountains to the west of the city. Anyone claiming themselves as a local has braved at least any one of its iconic sloped landscapes, and here is a sign for you to try hiking.

Berowra to Cowan Trail

There’s no better reminder of the sandstone-y terrain of Sydney than the Berowra to Cowan trail. With its challenging slopes, you will have perhaps the most stamina-draining yet most memorable hikes in your life. Don’t miss the sight of the majestic Berowra Waters after shuffling through bush walks and take a breather at the Naa Badu lookout. Marvel in Australia’s endemic flora, which you don’t often witness in the bustle of downtime life.

Curra Moors

Just an hour’s drive from the central business district, you can also head on to the unique loop trail of the Curra Moors. The trail offers you plenty of picturesque views from the Curracurrong waterfalls to the sea from the Eagle Rock Lookout, which makes the five-hour hike all worth it. And, granted you’re geared with a good pair of binoculars, you can be lucky to spot wild bird species.

Sydney Harbour

Come to think of it, this is for you if you’ve lived years in Sydney but have yet to visit all the islands adorning the Harbour. For any season, why not take the chance to go island hopping and perhaps even spend the night on an overnight chartered boat for an unlimited experience. Of course, it can only be fun unless you do more than just docking your boat on every island you visit. Here are activities you might as well do at each stop:

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island was home to aborigines and the Eora people to whom it owns its enduring culture even after periods of colonisation and subsequent urbanisation. To date, its buildings used to house convicts and trafficked forced labourers, which exemplifies the colonists’ ambitions for development in the area.

It is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. To make your stop on the island worth it, camp in one of its tents or stay in one of the buildings dedicated to preserving its key role in the maritime development of Australia.

Shark Island

What was once an animal quarantine facility, hangShark Island is now a destination-to-be for those who want to catch sight of an abundant variety of marine life. That includes anemones, sea urchins, and sea stars. Just like Cockatoo Island, Shark Island’s grassy terrain and lush shade-providing trees are ideal for picnics. Because of its central location, you can have a 360-degree view of the Harbour, through which you’re sure not to miss the view of the iconic Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley

What better way to get a taste of nature than through grape juice preserved by wineries that have been around for centuries? While you’re in the vineyard wonderland, why not bask in the refreshing sunlight and cool breeze offered by the surrounding foliage. To immerse yourself even more into the culture, you can even enrol in wine-making workshops and winery tours.

Everyone wants this pandemic to stop wreaking havoc in Sydney, the rest of the country, and most importantly, the entire globe. Likewise, they are longing to usher in the season of blooming foliage and cool weather that won’t cause them to stay at home. This year or the next, plan that getaway that hits you close to the heart. Enjoy what you can when the right time comes.

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