Dental implants, the solution to uncomfortable dentures


Dentures, although having been a wonderful solution to tooth loss in the past, are now being overtaken by new cosmetically appealing and comfortable dental solutions, such as dental implants Melbourne. Modern advances within the dental world have ensured that whilst the tooth loss solutions have developed in their application, they have also been combined with visually more appealing aesthetics, ensuring that patients with dentures get the chance of a comfortable and more natural smile again.

Using only four implants, an entire set of teeth can be securely fitted within the mouth ensuring that the patient’s smile continues to shine with pride. This helps to restore full functionality with stabilisation, giving confidence to patients when they are carrying normal actions using their dentition such as eating and talking.

How does the process work?

Whilst a physical dental examination will always take place to begin with, using modern technology such as CT scanners the location of the implants will be plotted in the most practical location of the jaw. For the all-on-four procedure this means two implants to be placed within the upper jawbone and two to be placed within the lower jawbone.

Once each implant is securely in place a full set of dentures can be secured to the titanium posts providing a permanent fixture within the mouth. The dentures essentially become as natural as possible and function similarly to the natural teeth.

Whilst this procedure may sound long winded it can all be achieved within one appointment enabling the patient to leave the practice with a new, natural looking smile.


Are there any special diets to be followed once dental implants are in place?

Whether a single tooth has been replaced or multiple teeth you will be pleased to know that just like your natural teeth there are no special dietary requirements to be put in place. It is of the utmost importance though that the oral hygiene process carried out at home is of a high standard, to protect the new smile. For those who are unsure whether their oral hygiene process is sufficient, rest assured this will be checked and covered within your standard check-up appointments.

Nervous patients

Whilst you may believe yourself to be alone with your nerves it is important that you inform the dental practice before undergoing any treatments or procedures. By informing us of your nerves we can offer a variety of solutions to try and assist you during your procedure and then within your future appointments. Nerves towards the dental team can often lead to patients avoiding important check-ups and dental treatments which can lead to more severe problems further down the line. By informing the dental practice of your worries from the outset a variety of options will open up, whether it be a local anaesthetic being administered for a procedure or a breakdown of the process being discussed before it happens. The dental practice will make certain that your needs are best met to ensure a smooth visit from start to finish.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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