3 FAQs about dental implants

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When you’re thinking about getting dental implants Nottingham, you may have a lot of questions. This is understandable as it can be a really transformative process, and you will probably want to know everything about it before proceeding.

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What are they?

The first thing that’s good to know about this treatment is what the implants actually are and what they’re made from. The material used to replace the root is usually titanium, as this has been proven to be one of the best to use when it comes to creating dental implants. The implant itself is made up of three parts, the screw, abutment and crown.

The first part of the implant is the screw, which is the part that your dentist inserts into your jawbone to create a strong foundation for your new tooth. On top of this will be the abutment, which is the piece that attaches to the screw and holds the crown. Lastly, there is the crown, which is the part of the implant that really makes the difference visually. The crown is the part that is usually made out of porcelain, and will be shaped and coloured to match your other teeth as best as possible.

Am I eligible?

Your dentist will be able to determine whether you’re eligible for dental implants by scanning your mouth and seeing whether or not you have enough bone left in the desired area. When you lose a tooth, over time the bone in the area will weaken and deplete, so it’s better to get a replacement as soon as possible after losing it to avoid complications.

It is very important that you do have enough bone left to support the implant, because if you don’t, it can weaken quickly and there’s a risk of it falling out. If it turns out you don’t have enough left, there are other options that your dentist can discuss with you such as bone grafting.

What are the benefits?

You will really notice the benefits that you can get from dental implants once you’ve had the treatment done, and that’s why it’s popularity continues to stay at a high level.

Natural appearance

One of the main things that appeals to people about getting dental implants is their natural appearance. They will be custom-made just for you, meaning that most of the time, they look no different from your other teeth.


Another thing that makes this treatment such a good option for replacing missing teeth is how strong and sturdy they are. Your implants will be able to withstand all of the usual pressures that your natural teeth suffer, such as chewing. You will be able to eat whatever you want without worrying about the implant falling out or getting damaged.

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