Delayed Flight? Kill Time with These 7 Airport Activities

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If you are like most people, then you probably don’t want to spend too much time at the airport. If only we could just breeze through security and head straight for the boarding gate when we arrive at the airport. But the reality isn’t like that. Lines at security can get awfully long, and even if you’re early and do everything right, flights get delayed all the time. You have no choice but to hunker down and wait.

But airports are not the dreary places they used to be. Many international airports such as Singapore Changi are now designed to keep travelers entertained and turn airports into desirable places to stay. Attractions in Changi and other airports entertain and delight travelers of all ages.

If you find yourself stuck at the airport, here are a few things you can do during your downtime:

1. Plan your itinerary

Whether you are on a business trip or your vacation, you can use the extra time at the airport to plan your trip’s itinerary. There is nothing like knowing what to do for the day and where you should go.

All major airports should have Internet access through kiosks or Wi-Fi connections throughout the terminal, so take this opportunity to check what sights to see, what food to taste, and where you are going to stay.

2. Buy what you need

Airports shops are usually more expensive than malls or markets, but there is often a wide variety of goods to choose from. If you find something in need of something, now is the chance to buy what you want. And even if you end up buying nothing, window shopping is a fun way to kill time.

3. Eat

Airport food often has a reputation for being bland and expensive, but more and more fast-food chains and casual restaurants are opening branches in airports. And restaurant seating is often more comfortable than terminal benches.

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4. Meet people

Airports are full of people of all colors and nationalities. If you are the gregarious type, you can use the time to connect with other people and talk to them about their origins and stories. Who knows, you might end up meeting someone you’ll remember for a long time.

5. Go on the Internet

If you have a laptop or a mobile device, just connect to the airport Wi-Fi and browse the Internet. You can kill time on social media, catch up on the news, or watch funny videos. It’s a fast and easy way to kill time without spending money.

6. Check into a lounge

If you have a loyalty card, you can check into your airline’s lounge for better comfort. Lounges often have reserved seating, food and drinks, and even exclusive perks like shower stalls and exercise rooms. Some airports also have pay lounges.

7. Catch up on work

If you are on a business trip, why not use this idle time to catch up on emails and do reduce your work backlog. That’s a few emails off your to-reply list once you land at your destination.

While flight delays and layovers can be frustrating, spending time at the airport need not be a tedious experience. These pointers will help you maximize your downtime and do something fun, restful, and productive.

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