Cleaning Your Car the Right Way

Man scrubbing his car

It has been a long week of traveling to-and-from work. All the dirt and grime on your car has piled up. It’s time to clean her.

There may be automatic car wash services available. But they wouldn’t be able to clean the smaller stuff tucked away in hard-to-reach places. DIY car washes are the way to go. You make sure every part of your car is clean and get a nice workout as well.

You have a bucket full of soap, a sponge, and a hose. You’re ready to get going. But is it the correct way to clean your car? Read this guide before you hose down your car and scrub it with a cleaning solution.

Use the right items

Your old t-shirt does not count as a rag and dishwashing soap is not the correct liquid to use. Microfiber cloth should be your go-to item whenever you want to wash your car. It absorbs dirt and dust with ease. Aside from using it to apply car wash soap, you can also use it to dry the surface afterward. The ultra-absorbent material will have your car dry in minutes.

Use the correct car wash soap. Dishwashing soap may be cheap, but it will break down your car’s paint and give it a dull finish over time. Car wash soap is specifically made for cars, so it’s only right that you use it for your vehicle.

You should have some buckets ready before you start cleaning. One should be full of soap; another filled with clean water; and another bucket for the car’s dirtier parts.

man wetting his car

Washing your car

You should rinse your car with clean water before you get started. It will help remove most of the dirt. After a few wipes here and there, your car will be looking good already. But don’t forget to clean the inside of your vehicle. If you have the time, you can also vacuum and scrub your seats and floor pads. But to put your car’s cleanliness to the max, you should consider having it detailed by a professional.

Detailing will get your car cleaned properly. You can easily find auto detailing services in Salt Lake City and other places in the United States. Some companies even offer these services at affordable or competitive rates.


Never air dry your car. There may be some leftover soap on the surface. Leaving it there will leave stains and destroy your car’s wax and paint job. Using a hair dryer won’t work as well. There could be the possibility of cooking your car’s paint to a point where it will fade or crack due to the heat. The best way to dry your car is to use your clean microfiber rags and wipe down from top to bottom.

It’s up to you whether you want to muscle your way into a solid wash or have a professional do the job for you. In the end, you get what everybody wants to see: a clean and attractive car.

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