Characteristics of the Western Interior Design Style

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In the past, indoor spaces were functional ones that served to protect a home’s inhabitants and their possessions from harsh outdoor elements. Nowadays, people want their homes to exude the best possible atmosphere for their families and guests. Interior décor that was once reserved for commercial space is thus now an essential part of residential properties. There are several interior design styles, but the western style has gained immense popularity in recently.

When people think of the western style, they assume this means men’s cowboy boots for sale, rodeo equipment, and cowboy hats. You need not connect to the western lifestyle solely by investing in their clothing. With the right western décor style, you can also do this. This décor option exudes a nostalgic and rustic feel perfect for generating a warm, artistic, and cozy setting. Here are the primary characteristics of a western interior design style.

Warm Colors

The Spanish and Native Americans who live the western lifestyle believe that hues will protect against evil spirits. This is proven in the colors typical of western décor. Bold and bright colors, for instance, resemble mother earth while blue-green and turquoise reflect the sky. Yellows and oranges, on the other hand, reflect the sun. These colors can be introduced in your interiors in your wall paints and furniture colors.

Wood Variety

wooden floor and windowWood is the leading material used for furniture in western décor. Rather than focus on one wood species, western décor features a blend of hickory, pine, oak, cherry and maple wood in the countertops, doors, windows, flooring, and windows. Most of these wood varieties are hardwoods that build durable, eye-catching furniture. You can mix wooden pieces in natural finishes with lime green, cream, or white accessories to add warmth to your room.

Metal Details

The 18th and 19th centuries have a significant impact on western décor. You will thus find wrought iron and steel finishing for the furniture, cabinet handles, and doorknobs. The metal can also be used in your wall surface artwork to bring together your entire décor and make certain elements stand out.

Wall Texture

The walls in your rooms give you the freedom to include a personal touch to your entire western décor. In the past, only stucco, adobe, or clay bricks were used for making walls. Some of these materials are not as easy to come by nowadays, but various texturing and painting techniques can be used to achieve the same effect. You should also include a large mural on one side of your room that showcases the western culture.

Navajo Textiles and Rugs

Native Americans have for years been weaving textiles and rugs with signature patterns. Vintage Navajo rugs are an investment that might cost a fortune, but they are gorgeous and durable. Moreover, they come in various style alternatives, and you are sure to get one within your price range.

Getting the above elements for your room in western interior design does not mean walking up and down several shops. You can get all the essential pieces from the same shop that sells western clothing and riding equipment. This will give you a rare chance to buy pieces for an all-around western lifestyle in one place.

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