Caring for Someone Nearing the End of Life

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Preparing for the death of someone you love and care for is never easy. Even when the person has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, the end is usually hard to bear. You want the patient to be with you forever, but you know that one day they will pass away. This reality is difficult to accept even if you know it’s inevitable.

While experiencing anxiety and depression is possible during the grieving period, you can do something to make things lighter. Read on to learn the practical physical and emotional aspects to expect during this time, and how to offer much-needed support.

Help during the final stages

When the medication ceases to work, consider palliative care for your loved one. You will also need grief support services in Indiana once the patient passes away. Moving on can be challenging for the caregiver and the family members, so get all the help that you can find because you need it dearly.

Prepare meals

Preparing food for someone with a terminal illness is one of the best gifts of love one can give. Although it may get complicated at times because their needs and illness may change, it is worth all the efforts. Prepare simple and small meals. If the patient has difficulty swallowing, consider mashing their food or blending them.

Palliative care experts can guide you on how to prepare the meals. You may expect a change in appetite as the disease progresses. During this time, do not force them to eat. Understand that small portions of nutritious food could be enough to sustain their energy.

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Record social media details

People have more social media accounts than they realize. After one’s demise, it may help to know that their profiles are taken care of as they wished. Ask your loved one what they want to happen to the profile once they pass away. You can also help them create a list of the passwords and instructions.

Help them get in and out of bed

It is common for a terminally ill person to spend a lot of time in bed. If they stay in one position for a prolonged period, they might get bedsores. You can save them from this situation by rolling them frequently to avert the possibility of getting bedsores. In addition, take them outside to get some sunshine. Most families have had to create some space of a bed in the TV room so that the patient does not feel alone and isolated.

Sort out the paperwork

Many patients are happy when they feel that their affairs are in order before their demise. Organizing paperwork for your loved one will give them closure and peace of mind. Learn about the patient’s wishes, such as what you should do with their properties and how you should celebrate their life during the funeral.

Even when you expect death, it is okay to be upset and devastated. Take all the time you want to grieve. If the person passes away at home, contact the doctor immediately. Once death is confirmed, you can contact a funeral home and have the body prepared for funeral or burial.

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