Bike Maintenance: Avoid the Wrong Mechanic for Your Motorcycle


Choosing the right mechanic for your motorbike is not something you should take lightly. For one thing, there are just too many choices whether you’re looking for motorcycle repair in urban areas like Salt Lake City or small towns like Murray.

If you simply pick the first shop you see on the road or online, you may end up with some inexperienced person who only finds your vehicle an opportunity to practice their trade. You could end up paying someone who will probably do more harm than good. Can you imagine your frustration when this happens? No, you better not. The best way is to choose the right person to maintain your bike.

How to Avoid a Bad Mechanic

There is already a lot of information on how to pick the right mechanic for your bike. In this article, you will discover how you can avoid the wrong one instead. It’s always difficult to assess the quality of workmanship until you’ve already hired the wrong person. So, here are some tips:

Look for a well-organized shop.

When you get inside the shop, look around and see if it’s well-organized before you make any commitments. Lack of organization is a sign that the shop is not well-managed. Is it well-lit? Let’s be honest here; it’s difficult to work on small parts if the place is dirty and not well-lit.

Ask for a repair order.

A repair order or RO lists all the services needed for your bike and their corresponding prices. Make sure to ask for this document and have it signed by you and the mechanic. Having this document keeps you and your mechanic on the same page.

See if they discuss repair options.

There are many ways to approach a problem. When your bike needs repair, a good mechanic will communicate different ways to approach it and suggest the most cost-effective option for you. A bad mechanic only knows one way to repair your bike, doesn’t discuss options, and gets irritated when you ask for one.

Motorcycle repairAsk if they update customers.

After the repair, your bike may need to be broken in. A good mechanic will communicate with you regarding how your bike is doing and if it requires follow-up service after the break-in period. This means that they have your best interests in mind.

Check if they communicate damage.

Mechanics are human beings, and as such, there is the possibility they will incur damage to your bike. A bad mechanic will keep it a secret and won’t take responsibility for it. A mechanic with your best interests in mind will tell you what happened and will discuss how they plan to pay for the damage they caused.

Understand that mechanics are not as well-paid as other professions. This means two things — some of them are just trying to get by while the cream of the crop is doing it for the love of the bikes. What you’re looking for is the latter. The tips above are signs that you’re getting a good mechanic and avoiding the wrong one.

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