Big Day by the Big Ben: The Many Reasons for Getting Married in London

Double-decker bus in night London

Many couples are flocking to Paris to have their romance witnessed by the Parisian sun and the Eiffel Tower. But, if you think that this French city is already saturated with lovers, just cross the English Channel and get to London. London is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its iconic architectures and warm people are among the things that draw in tourists every year. You will never run out of interesting places to visit. If you are a romantic, you may do your proposal here. While you are at it, you may want to go back to this city and have your wedding here.

The city makes a good and romantic backdrop for your love. Every season makes a great season for a wedding day. If you want the most colours, have your celebration during spring or summer. The city is also teeming with aesthetics and beautiful things that will even inspire the theme of your wedding (Harry Potter-themed wedding, anyone?). Nevertheless, the city will always be a perfect choice among couples who want a different type of celebration.

If you are looking for more reasons to have your wedding in London, here are some of them:

There are many interesting venues

As mentioned, the city is a beautiful place as there are many points of interest to visit, and you can even have your wedding in one of these places. You may choose to have a simple ceremony with an official at the city hall, but you can always go wild with your themes. For one, you may rent gondola at the London Eye if you want to get married with the London skyline in the background (sunset will always be the best time). The Tower Bridge is another spectacular choice. If you are looking at a garden wedding, you can have it at the Royal Botanic Garden. The St. Paul Cathedral makes a great choice if you want a festive and extravagant ceremony.

There are already many wedding organisers there

One of the many reasons London makes a great wedding venue is the fact that the city has already a wealth of suppliers and organisers. You will always find a trusty company that offers wedding planning services in London. Most of these planners have already had a network of suppliers that will make your dream wedding come true, from venue coordinators to photographers, caterers, and entertainers.

You can go straight to your honeymoon

Couple kissing after their wedding

If you are aiming to hit two birds with one stone (wedding and honeymoon), you better visit London. Right after the wedding, you and your spouse can visit the interesting sites around the city, from the Big Ben to Notting Hill. You may even venture into other cities, such as Manchester, Birmingham, and even as far as Edinburgh.

Getting married in London is more than just a usual milestone. You get to exchange “I dos” in one of the most beautiful, iconic, and romantic cities in the world. You also get to celebrate it with the people you love. This is definitely one for the books.

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