How to Bid Singlehood Goodbye Without Regrets


Older folks say being single is a blessing like any civil status other than that is a curse. Regardless if you over-thought this advice or just simply brushed it off as a cliche saying, you knew well you lived your younger years with no regrets. And, here you are about to walk down the aisle to come in union with the man of your dreams.

Many brides-to-be more or less had the same thought in mind, that they never saw the day coming. And, along with these surreal ruminations are anxious feelings because they know life and priorities are going to change forever the moment I dos are exchanged. For someone to take such a milestone in their life, to feel like the shift is going to be too much to handle.

It is out of the question how much an engaged lady truly loves and adores the man she swore she would spend the rest of her life with. But for the moment, those days she’s counting down to her wedding day, it is only understandable that being called mom and dad’s precious baby one more time will feel bittersweet, to say the least. And that, although she’s had her fair share of foolish and reckless decisions in the past, she now has to present herself as someone who’s more accountable not only for her life but that of her spouse-to-be.

If you’re one of those described, we sincerely congratulate you in advance for meeting the one who best matches you. The decision to get married isn’t a simple one to arrive at. And so, to commemorate your passage from singleness to being wedded, we share with you the best ideas on how you could spend those precious final days as a miss, so you wouldn’t one day regret you haven’t been the daredevil you once were on those days you had the chance:

Party with Your Besties

Now, your girls may have had your bridal shower all sorted out weeks or even months before you knew it as you got your hands too into the wedding preparations. But, to hold a hens night, this time on a cruise, that’s all on you. While you’re breaking away from tradition, take it as a chance to relive that segment in your life when you let go of all your inhibitions knowing you’re around girls who you can truly trust and, treat this celebration as a grand gesture of thanks to all the things they’ve done for you.

Lonesome Activities

reading a book on the couch

Okay, we are not encouraging you to wallow in sad feelings. You’ve gotten used to starting and ending your days with your fiance. The tiniest choices like what you two are going to eat for breakfast you made were mostly, if not all, up to shared or, should we say, twosome preferences.

This time, take time off from being the dedicated wife-to-be that you are. Of course, give your fiance a heads up on your plans of doing things solo for the meantime and clearly state that you have no ill intentions against him. All you want is to take time to keep in touch with your whole being, indulge in pastimes you barely had the chance to enjoy on your own, reflect on your life so far, reinforce your values and beliefs, and come back more prepared for married life.

So, with all the time you have, go binge-watch those movies, read those books you’ve always pushed back to reading, meditate, loosely write life plans for the years to come, and treat yourself to a spa at home. Travel somewhere far, dine in a restaurant that you hold fond memories in, drink some in your local bar, and buy one or more luxury items to commemorate the end of self-centered spending. Don’t hold back just because you think people might judge you for doing things alone. Do this for you.

Visit Loved Ones

Do you know those people that at one point paid a big role in your life? That teacher who one day gave you life-changing advice and has become your favorite ever since or that nanny who took care of you for many years and treated you like their own? It must be years since you last met them.

Ring them up and ask them to meet up. And, if they do agree to meet up, take the time to talk about the good old days. Thank them for being one of those who shaped you into who you are today.

Here’s to hoping you don’t get all caught up in wedding preparations. Take a moment to step back from the business and be on your own one last time. You will be thankful for all the memories you can make in that short period.

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