An Essential Guide to Planning an Intimate Wedding

From hiring an official photographer and a caterer to deciding on the final guest list and organising the reception venue, planning a wedding is not an easy feat. There are just so many things to consider that it can become overwhelming for some couples. So before you book a reservation at a modern European restaurant in Singapore, here are some things that can help you and your partner in planning for your intimate wedding.

Do what makes you happy

Although you do have to consider your guests, it is still your big day. So focus on the things that will make you and your soon-to-be spouse happy. Choose a wedding theme that works for both of you. It is totally fine to do whatever you want to make the day truly your own. Make it memorable.

Stick to your budget

While it is quite easy to fall for a fancy five-course dinner for a hundred guests, you might want to stick to your budget. Do not go for a fancy dinner if your budget will not allow for it. If needed, cut your guest list so that you can allot a bigger portion of your budget on other equally important things.

Know what matters to you

Wedding catering

In connection with sticking to your budget, you must know what is important to you so that you will know how to splurge wisely. For example, is it the food you serve that is on top of your priority list? If yes, then do not hesitate to splurge on your reception menu. Or, would you rather spend a big chunk of your budget on the flowers or photography services package?

Take care of your guests

Although it is an intimate wedding, you still have to ensure that all of your guests are treated well. Giving them small trinkets that they will enjoy will help them remember how wonderful your wedding was and how well they were treated during the event. Give them loads of entertainment, too. You can set up a photo booth at your reception venue. You can also ask some friends to sing for you and your guests.

Make it personal

You can start by making the wedding invitations yourself. You do not have to make it formal since you have your close family members and friends as guests. To help you save on time and money even more, you can simply call each of your guests and invite them personally. Your loved ones will appreciate this gesture even more.

Carefully look into details

You should also pay attention to every detail of your wedding. Although hiring a wedding planner will make things much easier, it is always best to check if every detail is right on track. Skip the things that are not that important and focus on those that matter to you and your partner.

Although planning a wedding can be tedious, it is still important to have fun during this memorable event. Choose a venue that will suit what you have in mind for your wedding.

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