6 Self-Confidence Tips to Leave a Lasting Impression on a Job Interviewer or Client


Imagine you’re a highly active student in high school, and at college, you joined as many clubs and organizations as you could, aced every class, and made lots of friends. You graduated with flying colors, but when you started looking for jobs, you suddenly felt inadequate and insecure.

If you experience the same scenario, know that you aren’t alone in dealing with it. Many fresh graduates get the initial shock after stepping into the corporate world for the first time. With so many new graduates in the job market, it’s natural to feel insignificant. But of course, as with any difficulty, you should overcome this with triumph.

Self-confidence is key. Besides developing your personality and interpersonal skills, focus on your physical appearance as it matters, too. It’s what the interviewer or client will note first when you have your job interview. Here’s what you can do:

1. Work on Your Smile

A smile can go a long way, so even if you feel nervous, keep that beam on your face when you walk into the room and shake your interviewer’s or client’s hand.

Visit the dentist if you haven’t had your teeth cleaned for a while. Even if you brush and floss daily, these aren’t enough to remove the tar and plaque tucked in between your teeth, and those could be a deal-breaker if they’re in the way of your beautiful smile. Go for a dental cleaning in Taylorsville, Utah, or any other area where it’s convenient. With a set of pearly whites that are perfectly clean, your smile is more powerful.

2. Dress for the Job

If you’re applying for a corporate position, then a corporate attire is a must. Don a button-down shirt, a blazer, and a pair of slacks or a skirt. If you’re meeting with a client for a freelance project, you can sport a business casual attire or anything related to your industry.

A good trick if you’re unsure what to wear for a client meeting is to choose dark-colored clothing. It exudes authority, which will help you look more confident.

3. Wear Cologne or Perfume

The fragrance will be welcome, as long as it’s not overpowering. Spritz your signature fragrance only on the areas where they’re needed, such as behind the ears and wrists.

4. Practice Power Poses

A Harvard Business School study found that participants who adopted high-power poses received higher evaluations after delivering a speech. Thus, before meeting your client, practice an expansive and open posture as you talk. You’ll feel comfortable and confident in doing it during the meeting.

Woman using her laptop5. Don’t Let Your Hands Perspire

You surely don’t want to shake a sweaty hand, so do your interviewer or client a favor by keeping your hands dry if they tend to sweat when you’re nervous. Wash your hands before your appointment, and bring a tissue paper or handkerchief to wipe your hands with when they’re getting sweaty again.

6. Be Conscious of Your Body Language

Your beautiful smile, smart attire, and alluring scent won’t serve their purposes fully unless you also adopt a professional demeanor. Fidgeting, putting your hands in your pockets, crossing your arms, and other awkward gestures display your nervousness, potentially putting off your interviewer or client.

Small nervous movements may make you look like you’re not engaged enough, so be conscious of your body language while still paying attention to the other person. Place your hands on your lap or the table, and lean slightly forward when you’re being asked a question. Make eye contact and nod occasionally to show that you’re fully engaged.

When your self-confidence radiates from the moment you walk into the room until the end of your appointment, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your interviewer or client, increasing your chances of earning their trust and respect. Even if you’re not genuinely confident, masking it with a good physical appearance will help you truly feel it.

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