5 of the Most Popular Fast Food Meal Combinations

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A fast-food stop is almost always part of every individual’s daily grind. No one who comes across a fast food joint will pass through without stopping by and picking a food item or two or an entire meal combo. The smell from the outside of a burger joint in Singapore will surely invite you to come over and take your pick from among the delicious comfort food on the menu. Whether you can sit down and enjoy the meals in-store or you are taking it out to eat on-the-go or elsewhere, you can never resist the appeal of a fast food meal, especially these favourite combinations:

1. Burger, Fries, and Drink

This is the ultimate fast food meal, and everyone could have this any time without complaint. It’s an all-day meal and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. If the store has a specialty burger to boot, it’s a must that put this meal combo on top priority. You have to taste that burger and to be truly satisfied with your meal; you have to have it with sides and a drink. That’s the ultimate treat!

2. Hotdogs, Fries, Ice Cream, and Drink

If you like something else other than a burger, then, settling down for hotdogs is a smart idea. It’s as filling and satisfying but gives you a different bite and texture altogether. Hotdogs can be had as is or in a sandwich, which makes it more suitable for a big appetite. This meal combo is pretty much like the first one, but there’s ice cream, making it a lot more exciting. Finishing off with a sweet note is always, well, sweet.

3. Fried Chicken, Sides, and Drink

Crispy-fried, golden brown, juicy-on-the-inside chicken when paired with anything is a meal you cannot resist, whether you are a kid or kid-at-heart. It is also an all-around meal. You can have it with a wholesome drink or pair with beer as you wind down the day to chill. You can add other items into this meal, like a milkshake or ice cream to satisfy your tummy even more.

4. Burger and Fries and Fried Chicken and Ice Cream and Drink

Now, this is one huge, superstar meal. Combining burgers with an order of fried chicken is meant for those who have big appetites. Although French fries are the most preferred side dish, it may not be the only one. If there are onion rings or an order of spaghetti, you can add those, too.

5. Fries and Drink


If the previous one was a superstar meal, this is a thrifty meal. This is often the way to go for people who are not really hungry but who want to while away some time in the fast-food or simply needs a light snack.

When you are at a fast-food joint, no matter what you order is surely satisfying. But there are meal combinations that make for a winning choice no matter what time of the day it is.

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