5 Amazing Camping Sites In Utah

camping site in the forest near the river

Utah is renowned for its breathtaking sights and landscapes. For this reason, the areas around Salt Lake City, the state capital, are among the foremost destinations for adventure seekers and outdoor lovers.

Today, with activities like hiking becoming more popular (due to the double benefit of getting exercise and enjoying great views), road trips to various Utah sights are now a common weekend pastime.

Trucks are common enough on the market nowadays that it is easy to avail of one specifically for use in going camping or on road trips. These allow you to bring along all the equipment that you need on your journey.

Depending on your plans, these may include bikes, hiking gear, tents, and other camping essentials. Truck shells allow for increased storage in your vehicle that is also weatherproof, giving you enough space to fit all your gear in your truck.

If you like roughing it, truck shells can also double as a comfortable sleeping area. Here are some of the best camping and hiking sites to visit around Salt Lake City:

Albion Basin

Popular among hikers and mountain bikers, Albion Basin, is best-known for its trail up to Cecret Lake, which offers some of the best views of nature. Along the way, there is plenty of wildlife and beautiful sunflowers to spot.

There are also existing campsites for those who would want to stay overnight, as well as some resorts for those interested in additional activities in the area, such as zip lining.

Henry’s Fork

This is one of the few hiking trails that lead to King’s Peak, Utah’s highest point. Traversing Henry’s Fork in its entirety takes around two to three days, but the time spent is well worth it.

You will be rewarded with everything the outdoors can offer, including pine trees, small lakes, and the most spectacular backdrop featuring a misty mountain range. This is truly a treasure that is worth your while.

Lake Blanche

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One of the places that best encapsulates everything Utah has to offer, the hiking trail to Lake Blanche brings you breathtaking views of just about everything — from the oak and aspen trees along the way, to the Wasatch mountain range, and even to the Great Salt Lake.

Although the trail can be completed in a day, there are many campsites throughout should you want to stay and enjoy the views a little bit longer.

Stansbury Island

Surrounded by the waters of the Great Salt Lake, Stansbury Island offers some of the most amazing sunrise and sunset views. If you are up for a unique adventure, there are caves on the island that feature ancient carvings from the land’s first inhabitants. The area is also a popular destination for geocaching among modern-day adventurers.

Little Grand Canyon

This site can give the big one a run for its money, especially for those who value peace and solitude among nature’s wonders. Surrounded by national parks, it offers the same spectacular views of red-colored rock formations but is much more accessible to campers and hikers. Camp overnight beneath the stars for a truly unforgettable view.

Enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer as much as you can. Go out on a road trip for an adventure to remember, marvel at the wonders of this world, and make some memories to last a lifetime.

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