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Exciting Fun Wedding Game Ideas for Reception

8 he sai and she said wedding games

How to make a reception exciting:

Are you thinking about something extraordinary and exciting about your wedding ceremony? Then think about some exciting wedding games. Yap, it is great idea to make your wedding time more memorable and exciting. Art your reception you can do something more from ordinary things. Your guests and you will spend best time of your life if you select some exciting games for you wedding receptions.

Talking in this respect here we are sharing some fabulous ideas or exciting games which ate matchless to enhance the charm of wedding. These fantastic game ideas are simply terrific. From these sharing game ideas you can make your wedding time enormously exciting. Let your guests to spend best time of your wedding through these thrilling games. Your wedding will be memorable and people will leave the venue with great exciting charm, smile at their face and with lots of additions in their friend’s book. These game ideas will create a matchless fun and superb thrilling environment.

Let’s discuss these excellent wedding games which are simply fabulous for wedding reception ceremony.

Booklets to fill exciting wedding game:

1 bridal and groom games (1)

It is excellent game to enjoy for shy guests. Leave a pen and book at every table so that your guests can leave their advices and suggestions for you.

Bride and groom shoe game:

2 bridal and groom games (3)

It is enormously exciting game in which bride and groom swap a shoe with each other and someone asks exciting question to them about their relations. These crispy and ranging type questions enhance the charm of wedding.

Musical chair games:

3 chair circle wedding games

To let your guest enjoy full charming reception, this gamer idea is matchless, although it is not unique and new one but has its excellent charm to create an exciting environment.

Burlap sack race:

4 groom wedding games

This game is great for kids also. How will be your wedding environment more thrilling when groomsmen will play this exciting race game? You can also think about individual game, relay game and team race to add fun in wedding reception.

Hiddency wedding game:

5 hiddency wdding games (2)One of most exciting and enjoying game is this; it allows you guests to enjoy bet time with each other. Propel enjoy the company of their fellows either they know each other or not. They spent best friendly time through this game.

Dirking game:

6 night wedding game

To enhance the thrill in wedding reception bridesmaids and groomsmen are playing as dirking game against each other. Wedding couple also joined the participants in this girls v/s boys dirking game.

Ring toss wedding game:

7 ring wedding games

This exciting is also tremendously enjoyable. It will create full jolly environment and your gusts will enjoy exciting time when they will participate in this funny game. Ring tossing game is full of exciting laugh and enjoyment.

He said and she said wedding game:

8 he sai and she said wedding games

In this exciting game a list of stirring questions asked from the bride and groom and let them send you the answers. Question about the relationship and couple’s individual habits are asked in this list.

Horseshoe game:
9 horseshoes wdding games (1)

It is said that holding horseshoe at wedding day brings good luck. Think about how will good luck will welcome you when you win horseshoe game at your wedding day.

Tic Tac Toe fun game for reception:

10 bridal and groom tic toc games (3)

For lawn wedding receptions, this game is perfectly awesome. Tic tac toe game will excellently enhance the wedding charm of reception. Wedding couple and other guests will enormously enjoy this game at reception ceremony.


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