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Different Accessories of Grooming for Your Wedding

3. How to carry jewelry with wedding dress


Wedding is the memorable day for everyone because   on this day two people  are connected in such  a  relationship  which can’t be break easily  so  it is remarkable day not for  the groom and bride rather for all the guests and your family members  it is the wish of every girl that she  will look like the princess and fairy on her wedding and collect so much praises from the coming   guest .there are  many dresses which are  introduced by the different fashion designer  and  when these dresses are carried by the brides they look  gorgeous  so if we discuss the dress then all the accessories  which  can increase the beauty of your dress  is the jewelry  because bride is such a person who is fully decorated from head to toe .

when we carry different style dress then  it is compulsory  for us  that  the jewelry is according to these dresses  because if we carry  opposite to our dresses it look awkward  .on the wedding day  your make up and  jewelry should be perfect and it doesn’t mean you spend your all money on the expensive jewelry because  all brides  don’t  belong to the   rich families  so if you want to  carry jewelry with your dresses on your wedding then take a bird eye view of all the things .

Tiara and the headbands:

1. How to carry jewelry with wedding dress

If your dress is very simple and you want to make it fancy and attractive then you can carry the tiara it is very fantastic thing to give you   fancy and make your simple hairstyle attractive. In the vintage era the tiara and the headbands were mostly carried by the brides and these tiaras are made up of the pearls, Rhine stones and the crystals but it is up to your budget in which form you can   afford with your illusion neckline and the strapless dresses it look so nice. If your dress is vintage style then you should select the ivory pearl tiara and the headband because mostly   vintage like to go  with the  pearl and the ivory.

Sash and belts:

2. How to carry jewelry with wedding dress

It is  not true to say  that sash and belts are not jewelry  because   everything which we carry  for our grooming is called jewelry  so belts and  sash are  also a kind of jewelry you can carry the sash and belts on your simple dresses because  sash and belts are  embedded with stones, pearls and the  different beads so when we carry it  we  find a fancy and    charming look  it is carried with the  silk pleated gown and the  off the shoulder wedding dresses  sometime it is carried in  the chained form  embellished with the  stones.  It is very easy to make because many sash and belts are made in the homes because   floral belts are also good for the spring season wedding.


3. How to carry jewelry with wedding dress

Every kind of  necklaces are available in the market and  it is cheap and expensive in both form but you have to buy such  necklace which is  in your  budget  necklaces  can enhance your beauty especially on the day of wedding  if you are  carrying the strapless ,sweetheart, off the shoulder  and the scoop neckline then you  must  carry  the necklace because your  neck is  exposing so if you  leave it empty  it look  strange so with the  strapless  lace embellish dress carry  collar and choker  necklace  and  bib necklace with the   off the shoulder  dress  hanging pearl necklace look so decent on the wedding day  drooping pearls and the royal necklace are good with the  scoop and  the sweetheart necklines.

Foot jewelry:

4. How to carry jewelry with wedding dress

On the wedding you should not carry too much  jewelry because  it can give you  a  strange look  so it doesn’t mean  leave the jewelry  rather  carry it but in nice way  for the foot lace embellished with the chain and the pearls made foot jewelry  for those brides  whose marriage is organized on the beach you can carry the foot jewelry  in different colors t can be in the antique style ,crystal stones, rhinestones  and the beads  made  you can carry it  with your simple dress.

Boho brides:

5. How to carry jewelry with wedding dress

The brides who are inspired from the bohemian  trends  they carry such dresses which are different from the others  not only dresses  rather their jewelry ,footwear ,hairstyle and  make up all is different from the  common brides because the boho brides  do what they want so the natural things for accessorizing the boho brides are good because they like to go with natural things like flower on the wedding at the place of stone embellish jewelry they carry the floral make crown and the metal jewelry because they  like it if they don’t use the floral crown then  they prefer the chained mattha Patti .


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