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Easy Way to Make Pancakes Step by Step:

pancake tutorial  (3)

Everyone loves to eat the different kind of delicious food items. Pancakes are also one of them easy made & delicious food item. Kids are loved to eat this meal with fill. These kinds of pancakes are made with different flavors with adding the other ingredients like honey, chocolate chips, cheese & strawberries etc. You should defiantly want to eat the pancakes with bake by own self. Therefore, here we have some easy simple steps for baking the pancakes. Let’s have a look to these steps as below:
1.    All dry ingredients are mixed into a one bowl:
First of all, you must take the specific stock of your required ingredients. Take the sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and flour together into a bowl and mixed them well.
2.    All liquid ingredients are mixed into a one bowl:
The next step is to making the mixture of buttermilk, vanilla extract, eggs, and butter & put it to the dry ingredient mixture bowl. After this, blend it with shaker cutlery. Blend it as well as this will come in the form of continues layer.
3.    On the cooking range with medium heat & putted a frying pan on it:
After preparing the mixture of pancake, now this is the time for heat up the burner & put a frying pan on it with medium flames. Satisfied with the pan as it is must a nonstick pan.
4.    Layered a 3 or 4 tablespoon pancake batter into the pane:
Now put some quantity of butter into the pan.  This is already heat up. The butter getting melt and now the time for layered the 3 or 4 tablespoon pancake batter into the pan for baking.
5.    Take the turner cutlery & flip the pancake over carefully:
When 2 or 3 minutes are done for baking then take the turner cutlery & try to flip the pancake with carefully. It is very sensitive part of baking the pancake. And bake them for getting the light golden brown shade of pancakes.
6.    Ready to serve & enjoyed to eat:
At the end when these pancakes are golden brown, then put them into a nice plate & serves it with different kind of sauces & syrups. Finally, you can eat them with gracefully & enjoyed them with admire.

pancake tutorial  (1) pancake tutorial  (2) pancake tutorial  (3)


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