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Best Ideas to Perfect Salon Worthy Manicure at Home with Steps

home maicure step by step (4)

Manicure at home:
home maicure step by step (4)
Probably hands are the center of our all activities. Hands pay central role in our most of activities. According o general observations, a person’s real beauty is judged from his/her hands and feet. So they must be adorable and fetching. Large part of hand’s beauty is depended upon nails. Your nails must be well groomed. Ladies are paid special attention towards this beauty treatment. They take manicure treatment from salons. Manicure is expensive and easy to affordable for every lady.

S here we are haring perfect procedure of salon worthy manicure at home. Now at homer you can manage a perfect manicure by these share steps. Step by step we are sharing whole procedure if excellent manicure. You can take this manicure twice in a month to enhance the beautiful grace of your hands.


Top make a home manicure professional, you have to need these essentialities. These tools will make your manicure perfectly best resulted.

Cotton pads
Nail polish remover
Nail trimmer
Cleansing tool
Buffing device
Cuticle cream
Soft hand soap
Nail polish
Top coat

Keep in mind location:

Location also plays very significant role in this process. Considered a place which is large space and you can manage all your vital necessities around you. There must be good light and this area must be dirt free. To keep yourself mentally relax, you can play soft music in background. Greatly it will produce a pleasing effect.

Remove the old nail paint color:

From cotton ball remove old nail paint. Definitely there are numbers of nail paint remover in the market in which acetone and non-acetone are prominent one. Either you use acetone or non-acetone based nail polish remover, keep in mind that both these have benefits and drawbacks also. According to the recommendation of beautician select such nail paint remover which is less dry and harsh for your nails.

Shape the nails:

Filer your nails in single direction and not let them ragged. There must be a science behind the trimming of nails. According to the need first trim your nails and then start to give proper shape to them. Slightly flattened top with modified crescent shape is most popular and fetching nail shape.

Make your nails clean:

It is not possible for an artisan that he start his work at dirty canvas.  First of all make your center of attention neat and clean. From cleansing tool, make your nail properly clean. Instead of washing and drying your hands it will be better that you soak your hands in warm soapy water for some minutes and then clean them easily.

Cuticle cream:

Cuticles are best to protect your nail from emerging infections. To save the nails different damages they you must pay attention towards their nutrition. Cuticle creams play best role in this regard. Apply cuticle cream or oils at your nails at daily bases, especially before a proper manicure. You can use olive if you don’t have a cuticle cream.

Buff the nails:

After cuticle step make you hands well moisturized and clean. Now it turns to buffing your nails. To make your nail’s surface smooth and flawless it is superbly excellent. It will superbly make your nail more lustrous and shiny. You can also use a nail filler product instead of nail buffing to conceal minor flaws and discoloration.

Apply base coat of nail paint:

Apply a base coat as it demands more attention in DIY manicure. Apply a thin lyre of nail polish ad swipe each nail for three times. Apply an overlap per stroke and let it dry completely. It is most essential that you have to let your nail paint dry without any disturbance.

Additional coat of nail paint:

Check the label of nail paint and read about the recommendation of additional coats. You can apply up to the three coats, it time to be patience. Just think about the speculator look of your nails and don’t be restless at this peak point.

Top coat of nail paint:

Top coat goers like a regular nail paint and it dries as shimmering. It is an extra step which makes your nail paint stronger. It will add the charm of glossy touch and shiny effect in your nails.
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