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How to Wear Make-Up for Better Look in Sickness

makeup tips for when you're sick (3)

In winter mostly people caught cold and fall ill and you cannot help it. But I your illness you definitely would not want to look ugly or pale especially women or girls. So here will talk about some tips how women or girls can look beautiful and fresh even in their illness. Women who are professional and go to work must desire to hide their pale look from others and it is also a wise thing to conceal your illness from others.

You do not need to show others that you are ill or have any problem and you would desire to maintain your beautiful look even when you are not feeling well from inside. From outside it is important to show a fresh mood to impress others and also to maintain your image. If you are at home then also keep your face fresh for people around you and do not let your face show any symptom of illness. This would be a decision of brave women or girl who is conscious about her looks. Here we will discuss for you how you can wear make-up in illness.

Apply a foundation on your face:

A foundation with the color lighter than your skin color will help to hide the pale color of sickness. In winter skin become dry and dull already so you can apply foundation or a cream of brand to hide paleness or any kind of scars or pimples on your face. But to make that stable on face also use puff powder but not in a large quantity for that can make you look patchy. Let your skin glow and this will make your look better than it would be looking in actuality.

Hide the weakness of eyes with concealer and shades:

Because of congestion your eyes would look weak and may be you have dark circles around eyes that the foundation or cream is unable to hide. You can apply a concealer to hide dark circles. Or it is the time to go anywhere immediately you can make your eyes fresh with putting teabags on eyes for 15 minutes. Light natural shade for eyes will look good but do not go for a dark shade. Brown natural shade would look very nice for to have a natural look. You can add mascara to make your eyes look dark and prominent.

Lip balm:

If your lips are looking dry then this would have a bad impact upon others. Dry and itchy lips will make others to not look at you again for your lips can look clumsy to them. Not a lipstick or gloss but lip balm is best to make your lips moisturized and any light color in lip balm can make your look graceful and shiny. You will feel easy while talk or it is time to meet someone special you will feel confident and relax.
Use concealer for contouring:

If your nose is looking red and you want to make it look good then yellow concealer will help you to avoid this problem that can make you embarrassing before people. For the contorment of cheeks, nose and jaw lines use light color concealer to give your face slim and proper look.

Now you do not need to go anywhere with your dull, pale face with flowing nose but try to keep your beauty maintained in illness too. Make your appearance pleasant for others and do not lose your confidence but look confident and glowing with your glowing face.

makeup tips for when you're sick (1) makeup tips for when you're sick (1) makeup tips for when you're sick (2) makeup tips for when you're sick (3) makeup tips for when you're sick (4)


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