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Home Remedies for Getting Naturally Glowing & Flawless Skin

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Clear, Soft & Natural Skin Tips:

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Flawless skin is the dream of every girl. Be attentive, I am not talking about white skin or white face but I use the word “flawless” that means without any fault, without any blemishes or spots. Skin that is perfect is called flawless. Now days the concept of whitening skin is usually lost somewhere while the glowing, soft & spot free skin concept is getting fame among the girls. Now it never matters whether you have brownish skin or fair complexion but the point that matters is your skin should be acne free, spot free, wrinkle free & glowing. So, dear girls today, I would like to share some most effective tips & home remedies that will surely help you to get spotless skin. Let’s read the following points;

•    A change in Your Habits/Lifestyle: First of all you need to bring a change into your lifestyle.
•    For flawless skin you need to drink lots of water. Water not only helps to hydrate your skin but it also acts as a purifier inside your body & help to flash out all the bacteria & helps to generate new & healthy cells by providing enough quantity oxygen to the body.
•    Try to take full sleep. Lack of sleep can cause acne & dark circles under eyes. Dark circles always look very bad on your face.
•    Try to avoid stress because extra tension can make you to look like 40 years old person even in your 20’s.
•    Don’t smoke. Don’t drink alcohol because these things only destroy to your skin cells.
•    Try to protect your Skin from the ultra violet rays of sun. These rays can damage your skin. Try to apply SPF on the naked parts of your body.
•    Try to protect your skin from the dust & dirt. Wash your face at least twice in a day. Take bath daily.
•    After every wash or bath, try to moisturize your skin with a good lotion.
•    Determine your skin type first such as whether it is oily or dry or moderate then choose skin products such as foundation, makeup products, soaps, body lotions, & creams etc.
•    If you have acne on your face then don’t touch it with your hands again & again because this habit can increase your problem. Just keep your skin clean & see positive results.
•    Try to keep your digestive system to work properly because any disturbance in digestive system can cause acne.
•    Try to keep your bedcovers, pillow covers etc clean on regular basis because bacteria on these can damage your skin.
•    Try to clean make up brushes on monthly basis if you use make up very less & if use frequently then clean brushes on weekly basis.
•    Don’t use hard towels for drying water from your skin. Always choose soft towel.
•    Eat healthy diet.
•    Use herbal face wash in summer.
•    Re move makeup before sleeping.
•    Spend time in fresh air.
•    Make ponytail before sleeping so that oily hairs can never touch with your face.
•    Mobile is a very common accessory that we use lots of time in a day. It usually touch with our face when attend a call or you touch it with your hands again & again so try to keep it clean & bacteria free.
•    Try to reduce eating oily food items. Oily food can cause pimples or acne.
•    Home remedies: Use rose water as skin toner, tomato juice as skin cleanser because these natural products works better as compared to artificial products. Some more home remedies are explained below for your skin.
•    You can apply honey on your face for making your skin soft & glowing.
•    Lemon juice can act as a bleaching agent on your skin. It can make your skin fair. It can help as an antibacterial product on your skin. It helps to remove spots.
•    Try to rub tomato slices on your face for removing spots.
•    You can apply a mixture of turmeric power with raw milk. It not only heals the infected areas of your skin but it also sooth the skin inflammation.
•    Take a cucumber, cut it into slices form, now rub these slices on your face before sleeping. Sleep without washing your face. Wash in the early morning. Hopefully, it will give you good result.
•    For making your skin clear, try to take coconut oil, melt it, apply lukewarm oil on your face, hands & feet, gently massage for about 15 min. now wash it.  Repeat it once in a day daily. Hopefully, it will be very effective for skin.


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