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Get Rid from Face Spots with Our Most Effective Homemade Tips

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Beauty Tips Corner-How to Prevent Acne, Sunburn & Blemish Spots:

We all are very well aware from the truth that ladies & girls are very much conscious about their facial beauty. They cannot compromise with dark skin tone, acne, sunburn, spots & blemishes etc. If one of these problems diagnosed then they started to get rid from the problem as soon as possible. For this purpose they use different medical products, some like to go with home remedies while some becomes very tensed & due to this tension their problem become more severe. Among all these steps the best one is to go with home remedies because if these remedies never help you then these also never harm your skin. But mostly it is observed that the home remedies always bring positive results.

Today, on this page I am going to share the beauty tips which will help you to get rid from the spots of face. No matter, whether you get these spots from sunburn, acne & blemishes because these tips are helpful for removing every type of spots. Let take a starts from common measurements then we move towards home remedies & in the last we will discuss some precautions.

Common Daily Measurements for Preventing Spots:

First of all you need to bring a change in your bad habits. For example it is seen that mostly girls never take care of their skin when it is flawless but when it becomes full of spots due to carelessness then they becomes conscious. What is this? You should be careful towards skin either there are spots on skin or not. So, read the following points & be careful!

1)    Try to keep your face clean, so wash it two times in day. Firstly, early in the morning because when you wake up then all excessive oil appears on skin so wash oily skin & secondly when you come home back after whole day work so for removing impurities, dead skin cells & extra oil, you need to wash face. Don’t over wash face because it can make your skin dry.

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2)    Don’t rub your face with dirty towel because dirty towels have lots of bacteria on it & these spread on face.
3)    After washing your face you need to moisturize your face with a best face cream.
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4)    Try to keep your hands away from your face. Don’t touch again & again.
5)    Try to eat healthy food items, fruits & green vegetables. Eat fresh fruits. Before eating don’t forget to wash the fruit with water. Fruits can give you a spot free skin naturally.
6)    Try to drink plenty of water. Water removes impurities from inside & makes your skin glowing, healthy & spots free.
7)    It is suggested from the older & experienced beauty experts that drinking lots of green tea can be helpful in order to purify skin from inside because it contain on antioxidants.

Home Remedies for Removing Dark Spots from Face:

Do you have black or brown spots on face? You are worried from this problem & want to get rid from it ASAP? Then, dear you are on the right place because the following remedies help you to lightened or eliminate spots. Let’s have brief read!

1)    First & the simplest trick is to apply honey on the spotted area. Just take honey on spoon & apply on face (you can also apply on whole face) for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash with water.
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2)    Another useful tip is to use a most common kitchen ingredient that is onion. Take one onion & draw onion juice. Now take a cotton pad & dip it in the onion juice & apply it on face. When dries then again dip the cotton pad in juice & apply again. Repeat it for about 15 to 20 min then wash with water.
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3)    Lemon acts like a bleaching agent on your face. When you see spots on face then immediately take a lemon from your kitchen. Cut it into two pieces. Rub it on your face especially on the spotted area. It will surely show some positive results.
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4)    Do you ever apply baking soda on black spotted face? If not then it’s the right time to do it because baking soda acts as an ingredient that will remove spots. You can make a paste by mixing baking soda with water & apply it on face. When it dries then wash with water. For more effective results you can make a paste with lemon juice.
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5)    Use tomato. Another inexpensive ingredient, for removing spots. Cut in slices form. Rub these slices on face for about 10 to 15 min. wash with water. Get effective results. You can do it daily.
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6)    Take an orange. Eat the orange but don’t throw the peels of orange. Take these peels aside. When these dry & then make powder from these peels. Now make a paste by using this orange peel powder & milk. Apply it on face & wash when dries.
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7)    When you want to makeup then always choose a mineral based foundation for skin.

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8)    Soak some almonds in water overnight & then in the early morning make almond paste with honey & a pinch of sandalwood powder. Apply it on face & leave it un-touched for about 15 min. Now wash face with gentle rubbing.
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9)    Turmeric is a very oldest & traditional ingredient that is used for skin treatment. Make a paste by mixing turmeric powder with milk. Apply it on face. When dries then wash. You will surely get positive results.
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10)    Apple cider vinegar is also best for removing black spots from face. Se it like honey.
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11)    Use egg white because it fades away scars. It is usually full of proteins and vitamins that help to rebuild your skin cells. So, take an egg, separate egg white from yolk, beat or stir until it become thick now apply on face, when dries then apply another layer when dries then wash with lukewarm water
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Some Important Precautions:

In case of any severe black spots it is suggested to you to ask a dermatologist. He/she can prescribe a cream, medicine or tablets. Laser therapy is also common for treating spots. But it is very expensive. In laser technology various wavelengths of light becomes effective to treat spots.
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1)    Try to stay away from the dirt, smoke, pollution & high humidity places.
2)    Try to avoid using lots of layers of makeup & oily or greasy makeup products.
3)    Use a cream based on benzoyl peroxide ingredient because it kills bacteria; keep skin acne or blemishes free. Consequently less spots are detected.

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Hopefully, this post helps you a lot in order to learn how you can get rid from spots.


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