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Wife Responsibilities to Be a Perfect Wife from Islamic Point of Point

wife responsibilities in islam (5)

Husband wife relationship:

Islam is complete religion with all instructions, orders and rights which make a civilized community. Islam determines rights and laws for every relationship and to deal with every aspect of life. If we talk about husband wife relationship then we now it earlier that a complete world can consume in this relationship. If husband and wife understand the responsibilities and rights of this relationship then an ideal family comes into existence. But how can an idea wedding relationship can made?

This question has vast explanations and different aspects are come under the discussion while we discuss answer of this question. Responsibilities of talk wife and husband both are significant and essential but it is said about women that she has more vastness, patients, depth and sincere nature then a man. A woman can easily win the heart of man by her good nature and sensible attitude.  Here we are going to discuss women‘s responsibilities towards her marriage relation from Islamic point of view. Islam determines some responsibilities for women so that perfect matrimonial relationship can build and can sustain a complete easy life.

•    Most significant and prior thing to start a healthy husband wife relationship is to give respect to your husband. Keep in mind standard levels of respects and let your husband feel that you have special respective outlook for him. It will sustain a status of sensible wife and will smooth the path of husband’s heart.

•    Listen your husband carefully and obey him in different aspects of life. Stay away from opposition and avoid from arguments. Try to mould your personality according to legal desires of your husband.

•    Being a Muslim wife you have to look after the health of your husband. Keep in mind his needs and drives. Cook best food for him and fulfill all her requirements (wash, cleanliness and other psychological and physical needs).

•    A Muslim wife is not confined to only her husband regarding her responsibilities rather she has to look after his family also. Respect of husband’s family is essential and one of main priority of husband so take care his family properly and prove yourself as best selection for them.

•    Respect and response to husband whenever he calls you. Whatever you are doing stop there and listen your husband’s desire and response him n positive way. It is essential to stop any conflict, disturbance and clash between husband and wife. It is also essential to keep your husband interested in you otherwise he can bend towards illegal relationships with other women to satisfy his urges.

•    Be stand with your husband in difficult time. Try to console him whenever he is in hardships and giver him best solution like a sincere companion to let him feel that he is not alone. Islam has imposed such responsibilities upon Muslim lady which will bring close to husband and wife and will develop a mutual understanding.

•    Don’t cross the gate of your home without your husband’s permission. If he does not like that you are going to outside for trivial things then avoid this act to keep him at comfort. F you are going to outside for some essential thing then first take permission from your husband and let him know the activity for which you are going outside.

•    Respect your husband’s fellow as well if your husband has wide social circle and his fellows are come at home frequently then don’t bother from it rather try to serve them best and keep your husband’s reputation well. If your husband likes to invite his friends or other guests at dinner then offer him your best qualities to manage a fine dinner. Despite these entire things don’t forget about the limitations which Islam has determined. Don’t go in front of your husband with bare head or without proper carry of dupatta and don’t let them to be frank with you.

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