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Some Make Up Tips That Can Make You Simple and Attractive For The Events

various makeup ideas to look simple and beautiful in special events (3)

Make up is a compulsory thing for a girl and without make up they can, t move outside  because make up  urges their features and make them more beautiful  they do make up for their grooming  and  it is reality  that  a one thing is compulsory  available in their bag  you can do  make up according to your choice  at your home but you can  do any  kind of  make up  for your home  but for the special event  you should do make up in different way because your make up is compulsory but too  much make up can give you a clownish  face you should go with the simple and attractive  because a natural make up can  give you a fresh and  the  glowing face I have some tips that can make you beautiful  for the special events if you want to go  in an event  then you should  do  such type of make up for the perfect party look .very few people know that in the day time in which make up can remain fresh and alive   and it is   compulsory thing to keep  your makeup light in the day time  and it is not  necessary that only the parties and the weddings are  special events there are also many other occasions and events in our life.

 Moisturizing and facial:

When you  are going  to any party  and  in any special event then first of all  do exfoliate your skin  because if you do make up on your  dull and dead skin it make your look boring  for the facial and the massage you can use the natural things  which is good for your skin because the masks and the scrub which is readymade is not effective for our skin it can  make the pimples and acne on our faces but if you have needed the  facial then so it on your nose ,chin and forehead because it should be glowing  otherwise cleansing is compulsory because  it finishes your all dirt and grease  which is due to the dust.

Apply the foundation, base and powder:

Clean your face with the good face wash and then apply the base or the pan cake which  suits on your  skin then move ahead for the oily skin loose powder is  nice choice but if they want to something liquid then apply the compact and the pressed powder   because it give them glowing and oil free skin the dry faced can go with the primer and the concealer if you are going for your special day of  interview then apply the  base and foundation but in natural way don’t too much whiter your skin,  and apply the primer under your eyes to cover your dark circles.

Blush on and bronzer:

For the great and glowing skin you can use the bronzer match to your skin complexion and the blush on should be in the light color like peach, skin and the light brown, baby pink color is also decent on your nose and chin use the bronzer and for the contouring your nose hold the brush and apply the bronzer in the long motion means upper to lower form   and apply with your skin tone because opposite to your face complexion can give you darker look.

Mascara and eyeliner:

Mascara is a vital thing for the makeup because it makes your eyes voluminous and apply two or three coat on your eyelashes if you are going in the wedding or any big party then you can use the fake eyelashes also but if you are going for interview of job and first day of your duty then you should skip the liner because it give you something formal look but mascara is good but not in the pure black rather chocolate brown is good choice. If you are teen age girl then skip the eye shades and apply the colorful glittered eyeliner that is trendy now a days.


Fir the natural and glowing look you should go with the nude color eye shadows   because the dark color give you artificial look peach, pink and the skin color are good for the natural appearance you can go with it for the formal functions and if you are going in the wedding then apply the dark color but not in shimmer matte is nice but too light .with the brow brush straight your eyebrows and if needed then pluck the rough and extra brow.

Lipstick and lip balm:

In the  last  apply the lipstick according to the function if you are going  in the  wedding then matte red lipstick is good but for the young girls light pink is best but if you are going for the job interview then go with the  chocolate brown lip balm  because it give them  confident look  and for  the semi formal parties  you can go with the light p8ink , peach and beige color lipstick  now you are ready you can go in any special event  with this natu8ral make up.

various makeup ideas to look simple and beautiful in special events (1) various makeup ideas to look simple and beautiful in special events (2) various makeup ideas to look simple and beautiful in special events (3) various makeup ideas to look simple and beautiful in special events (4) various makeup ideas to look simple and beautiful in special events (5) various makeup ideas to look simple and beautiful in special events


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