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Makeup Tips and Tricks for Oily skin with Pictures

apply   eyeliner   for oily

If you have the oily face, it becomes a lot difficult to apply makeup and let it stay. One of the most uncomfortable things that women with oily face have to face is their makeup sliding down the face. All you need to do is to use the right tips to do makeup for oily skin.
●    Every skin type needs moisturizing including the oily skin. If you have the oily skin then uses a moisturizer that is formulated for the oily skin. You can also look for the oil free moisturizer.
●    Use primer on your skin but consider the primer especially suited for oily skin. Use it especially on t-zone. This can help boost your natural glow and can minimize your makeup from wearing off throughout the day.
●    Now apply foundation. Consider using oil free or powdered foundation. It will keep your makeup less greasy.
●    If you have oily skin know it’s key to keep face powder with you at all time. Use a mineral-based product. The powder will rivet oil whereas it keeps your face looking smooth, natural and shine-free.
●    Use mineral makeup and matte blush. Do not use shimmer blush.
●    You can use lip gloss as lips do not tend to be oily, but avoid other products.

apply   eyeliner   for oily apply  base  for oily skin

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