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Makeup and Beauty Tips for Girls

How to do make up in different seasons and some beauty tips

0. Makeup and beauty tips for girls

The girls are the beauty of nature all the colors are made for the girls because God has made the girl beautiful and give a right to groom their beauty so the things which are used for grooming the girls are also created and the nothing is useless which are made by the God and all the natural things are good for the human body and if we use it for our skin then our skin can glowing and the girls have very soft heart and they are so beautiful with little struggle they can be look more gorgeous here I have some beauty tips that are very useful for you and the readymade things are not good for the skin. Some make up are good for the teen agers and the seniors should avoid these things some people only take care their face and don’t take attention toward their body which is very compulsory so if you want to make your personality charming then stay with us and see some beauty tips and make up ideas.

Beauty tips:

• First of all you have to need keep your skin clear from all pimples and the scars which can spoil your beauty so if you have pimples, wrinkles and the freckles on your face then consult to your dermatologist and if you have not too much problem then you can use the natural thing.
• Always clean your face with the face washes because soap make your skin dull and dead use the cream and milk cleanser to remove your all dirt .
• Conditioner is the good thing to remove all the dandruff and make your hair silky and shiny conditioner can be made with natural things take two egg whites with the aloe Vera and mix it well and apply it on your hair and then you will wash your hair you really feel shine and smooth in your hair.
• Oil is good to make the hair thick and voluminous but don’t use too much oil because it can make your hair oilier so oiling in your hair before two hours to take bath.
• Coconut oil ,olive oil with the almond oil is best for good massage
• Manicure and pedicure is must done by you because it keep your skin fresh and alive you can use the gram seed powder and make the mask on your skin ,foot and the hands.
• In the summer you should use the sun block and the rose water is good moisturizer for your skin
• For the skin make different mask like tomatoes, turmeric and aloe Vera paste is best for your glowing skin, papaya and the lemon is also good because lemon is natural bleach which can remove your all scars.
• Keep your nail in the square shape and in the daily routine use the nude nail paints and for the formal wear apply dark colors
• If your nails are not white then use the lemon drops with warm water and dip your finger in to it for 10 minute you will feel your nails are sparkling.
• If you want to do your eye lashes bigger then use the castor oil in two times daily
• For the lips redness use the milk fresh cream and if you don’t like then saffron with the rose water and lemon make a paste and apply on your lips.

Make up ideas:

Make up is compulsory for the girls because without make up they can’t move towards so in the summer apply light make up and girls who are teenagers they should not use the base and foundation because it make the skin cakey and oily .
• Use the primer or concealer for the make up because it gives a shine on your face and never block your skin pores and in the summer you can use the pan cake because it keep your skin fresh but dip the spunch in the water before 20 minute your makeup.
• Never use eyeshades in the day time because it look so odd especially in the summer but in the winter if you do then nude colors are good never go with shimmer and glitter.
• Use the lip balm and lip gloss which can save you from the UV rays of sun and lip gloss in pink ,peach and orange colors are best for the girls but if you want to go with matte then light pink, peach and dark orange are best.
• Use the thick mascara on your eyelashes in black and the brown colors if you want to make a fish style eye then apply a line under your eye.
• If you have black complexion then apply maroon and the dark brown colors o your nails because light can’t give your hand a good effect.
• Make such hairstyle which are good for your personality make half up and half down hairstyle and use the head pieces to make your hairstyle fancy and attractive you can make use the hairspray to keep your hair fresh and in same condition.
1. Makeup and beauty tips for girls 2. Makeup and beauty tips for girls 3. Makeup and beauty tips for girls 4. Makeup and beauty tips for girls 5. Makeup and beauty tips for girls 6. Makeup and beauty tips for girls 7. Makeup and beauty tips for girls

Bonus tips:

there are many tips which are used by us but all are not effective for us and make up should be done to live in the limit because if you do much makeup you look so odd and with these beauty tips and make up make your personality outstanding.


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