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How to Done Gypsy Makeup at Home?

1 foundation for gypsy look makeup

Make up Tricks for Getting a Perfect Gypsy Look:

0 how to get a look like gypsy girls with make up

The word “Gypsy” is usually used for those people who never stay at one place, I mean those people who are always in travel. So, these are called traveling people or travelers. These people usually work as traders while some to work as fortune teller & some prefer work according to season changes. Gypsies are actually those people who have dark skin tone & they have dark black hair. They basically belong from the South Asia but currently they are living in different regions of Europe, Africa & America. I personally call the gypsies as wanderers. Some knew them as “nomad”.

As we know that fashion lovers are always in search of new fashion ideas. So now days, people who are crazy about wild fashion, are trying to take inspiration from gypsies. Yes, they are trying to adopt a clothing style as the gypsy people wear clothes, they are trying to adopt their hairstyles, their styles of jewelry as well as they are trying to get an exact look like a gypsy with makeup. Due to the increasing tendency of fashion lovers towards this gypsy look, I decided to share a completer a guideline about “how girls can do gypsy style make up at home”. I am sure that these tricks will help you a lot. So, let’s starts.

Base/Foundation Idea for Getting Gypsy Look:

1 foundation for gypsy look makeup
When you starts make up then of course you apply foundation on your face. In normal make up the aim of applying foundation is to get a lighter or fair skin but in case of gypsy make up you need to choose a darker tone foundation. As I told you that gypsy people have dark skin tone so for getting a perfect gypsy look you need to choose brownish color foundation. Apply it well on your face, ears, neck as well as other naked parts of body for getting even skin tone. Blend the foundation with skin by using your fingers as well as sponge. In the last when you set your foundation by dusting some powder from the compact disk then once again use a brownish shade. Here you never need white cakey face but you need a chocolate face. Don’t be emotional & don’t try to get extra dark skin tone.

Magnificent Gypsy Eye Make Up & Blush on Ideas:

2 gypsy eye makeup ideas and tricks
The girls who want to get Gypsy look, they should try an eye makeup that can give their eyes a Smokey or blackened feel. Their eyes should look full of attraction & magic. So, here you need to choose brown, black or bronze shades. They can also try golden shades along with black.  Sometimes the dark navy blue eye shade or plum color eye shades also works well. Here, you aim is to enhance the majestic beauty of your eyes by using appropriate eye shades. If you are using more than one eye shades then blending the key to get flawless eye makeup. Use eye lashes for the extension of your lashes. Don’t forget to apply mascara for more thickness. Apply eyeliner either in cat style or in winged style. Sometimes it better to use beads or little crystals at the corner of your eyes or at the chin area. You also need to highlight the cheek bone area by using a brownish color blush on.

Bold Lipstick Ideas for Gypsy Girls:

3 gypsy lipstick ideas and tricks

In this make up mostly the darker shades of lipsticks are preferable. So, I suggest you to choose dark brown lipstick or dark plum or hot red color. Similarly, there are lots of dark colors of lipstick. But most commonly used are brown & plum. When apply lipstick on lips then don’t forget to outline your lips with the same color outline pencil. In this way you can apply lipstick within the lip boundary.

Eccentric Gypsy Hairstyling Ideas:

4 gypsy girls hairstyles ideas

Gypsy girls usually have bohemian style hairstyle I mean their hairs have some strange & odd effect. Usually gypsies prefer curls in hairs. So, you can try curly hairs. They usually make braided crown hairstyles as well as side swept braids. But the interesting point is that gypsy girls usually use hairpiece such as head chain in order to adore their hairstyles. Sometimes ribbons or scarves are also used into hairstyling as you can view into the above pictures. You can make a side braid by adding scarf into the braid. You can wear a head chain with a center parted hairstyle.

Gypsy Girls Complete Look an Overview:

Furthermore, only gypsy makeup is not enough but you need to wear clothes that resembles from gypsies. You need to wear lots of bangles or bracelets into your wrist because gypsy girls like to wear lots of bracelets, bangles, rings or necklaces. Try to choose exclusive unconventional print clothes. Be bold. Add some attitude into your personality. Try to rock into a street exactly like gypsy girls by following all the above described make tips as well as by bringing change into your clothing style & attitude!


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