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How to Apply Face Make up with Steps?

4 step by step professional face make up

Step by step perfect facial make up tips
Apply makeup is common fashion in the world’ society that brings fresh flawless beauty & confidence about your day. Cosmetic beauty defines with detail your featuring look & highlight your deep eyes attraction & bone structure. No doubt, this simply says that facial makeup beauty is easiest riskless task but apply it professionally way may be some intricate for you. Apply some whitening powders, eye shadows, mascara, kajol or natural lipstick can’t display perfect admiring glance if you want to get best & proficient facial make up beauty then you should learn exact accurate steps to apply these cosmetic elements on face one by one.  Have a deep concentrate and check whole detail with step that how you can apply exactly facial make up in which foundation base, eyes make up lipstick and liner, mascara all are included those related with face parts.

•    Wash you face with suitable cleaner soap

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Discuss your dermatologist about your skin texture & get advice that which fresh face & soft touch qualities soap is appropriate for your skin tone for perfectly clean skin from oil, dust, blackheads, oil and dead skin. For flawless make up beauty, you should never omit the foremost step to clean face.

•    Exfoliate your face & neck for fresh look

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Exfoliation is skin deep cleansing process for take away dead cells of skin those cause of clogging pores and aging signs those emerge in black or whiteheads spots on the surface of body. Before applying cosmetic beauty products of face, you should exfoliate your skin from gently massage with little granules scrub. Natural ingredients facial scrub is better than alcohol chemical products. Smoothly rub your fingers in circular motion on face & neck and rinse it from lukewarm water.

•    Apply best moisturizer for softness

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Moisturize is vital for natural smooth look & this terrifically works before applying from makeup. Use a dab of good moisturizer and apply it on face skin, if your body texture is dry then thick cream is suitable for you otherwise for normal skin you should choose thin water based lotion for moisturizer. Clean it with tissue paper or soft fabric and then wash with tepid water.

•    Apply primer base or concealer

4 step by step professional face make up (10)4 step by step professional face make up
Concealer is best helper to get rid from blemish or dark circle facial look. This is not alternative of foundation instead of it is under layer of foundation that shoe best result of basic foundation. Concealer comes in varied tints those commonly match with your body skin, you should select that exactly match your skin and apply it with brush in drops from and blend it well.

•    Put a coat of foundation base
Foundation or basis is founded in several types but the best choice is for you that exactly match with your face texture no much darker or lighter. To get professional glowing look, you should start blending from central part of face and move it down towards the jaw line. Foundation blend sponge or brush is better option than finger and essentially apply it on neck area and earlobes.

•    Highlight your eyes with makeup

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After complete base on face & neck now the step is to highlight your eyes. Firstly apply primer shade or lighter tint on whole eye lid from lash line to brow bone. Now, apply darker hue than primer or main eyes shadow tint on eye crease & blend it towards the end. If you want more valued eyes make up then cover brow bone with gleaming lighter shade.

•    Apply eye liner according the eye shape

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Eye-liner is best eye beauty product for definite eyes and the trend of eye liner is altered with passing the time but in this recent time, the dexterity to apply eye liner is very well. Classic, cat eyes, double up, feline, Egyptian and some more are outstanding sorts of eye-liner, you can select one of the best according eye shape.

•    Waterproof mascara is best for you

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Apply waterproof mascara on eye lashes and turn it towards top and wait for dryness after easy coat and then apply second coat. For long-lasting eyes beauty, apply three times mascara and avoid from clumps.

•    Apply makeup on lips

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Without lipstick any cosmetic beauty look can’t complete so, now you need to apply lips makeup. Start with lip moisturizer like balm or sealer that will keep your cosmetic beauty long-lasting & much more vibrant. Apply lip primer in same lip shade and then Apply lip liner which color exactly matches with your lipstick shade. Highlight the natural shape of your lips with lip pencil or outline brush and then fill up your lips by lipstick or lip gloss and blend it well.

•    Finish off you facial makeup
With the finishing point of lips, you facial cosmetic beauty is completed and now enjoy enduring flawless charming look.


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