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Do Your Own Bridal Makeup For Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding day is the most important, special and big day for all girls, they choose each and everything outstanding for the day as wedding attire, shoes, jewelry, other accessories to look most beautiful and gorgeous.

Along with all these accessories, perfect wedding makeup look is also the most important and it will be right to say that all of a bridal beauty depends on a perfect makeup and hairstyle.

Because if all accessories are outstanding and most beautiful but if makeup is not good then the beauty of other things is useless and a bride will not look beautiful on her special day.

So the beauty of a bride totally depends on a good makeup and hairstyle.
There are some brides who want to do their own makeup and hairstyle for the wedding day.

If you are comfortable doing your own makeup for your wedding, consider bumping up your everyday look with a little something extra. Doing this requires several steps such as.

Prep your skin:

If you are doing your makeup for your wedding the first step is prepping your skin to look radiant. Wash your face and apply a light moisturizer, if you want to exfoliate, stay away from a harsh scrub and opt instead for a gentle cleanser. Your focus should be on the cleansing and soft palette your makeup needs to achieve natural looking beautiful skin.

Use a primer:

Before doing makeup, prepare your skin for makeup by applying a good primer because primer makes your make long lasting and it holds up your makeup while dancing, crying or toasting. Additionally a primer will help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and disguise open pores. Apply a primer evenly on your face and eyelids also to create a smooth base for everything to come and let it dry.

Apply foundation and concealer:

Choose the foundation according to your skin type and skin tone.
Apply foundation on your face in thin layers, start from the middle of your face and blend outward using your fingertips or a foundation brush. After applying the foundation use a concealer before setting it with powder. Concealer is used to hide your dark circles and blemishes.

Eyes makeup, shades, liner and mascara:

Eyeshade used according to your eyes color go best, if you have green eyes then use bronze shades, nave blue go best for hazel eyes, dark brown for blue eyes and for brown eyes grey and purple are the best shades. Use eyeliner to make your eyes beautiful and look larger, curl your eyelashes before using mascara. Start at the root and wiggle up from side to side to the top.

Blush on:

Apply blushes to the apple of your cheeks, blend towards and out towards your hairline and finish it off with a small check mark at your cheek bones.  Soft rose and baby pink with hint of beige and mocha look nice on fair skin tone and if you have medium skin tone, then light peach and golden apricot are the best for you.


Choose a lip color that compliments your blush and your skin tone. If you have fair skin, go with nude, light mocha, and light mauve.  Sand, nude, peach and shell are best colors for warm under tones.  If you have dark skin tone then avoid dark and bright colors as bright pink, dark bronze and dark mochas.

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