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Different Lipstick Colors for The Ladies

0. Best lipstick color for ladies

0. Best lipstick color for ladies

Make up is an essential thing foe the ladies because without make up they think themselves incomplete because due to the make up the groom themselves  and in the market many brands are  introduced  by the people but some brands are fake and   selling the  expiry products these  local   cosmetics companies are  making fun with the lives of the ladies because due to the  poisonous  makeup and so much chemicals are add in the makeup become the cause of  mouth cancer and the  skin cancer  so you should avoid to use local products .

we are talking about the makeup then lipstick is the first thing  which is carried by everyone  because all the make  demand much time but the lipstick is such a thing which  is applied by everyone whether she is girl or a senior lady in the previous ages only lipstick were  used for the grooming but too much makeup products are  inn in the market but if you apply lipstick and kajal with mascara you look cute and nice because the   lipstick can show you  formal and now a day’s lip glow are too much  famous among the girls they carry it  when they go outside and in  casual  functions  it look so nice on them so if you are interested in applying the lipstick then stay with us and see the  different lipsticks shades for the different lips.

Candy pink lipstick:

1. Best lipstick color for ladies

Candy pink color is very nice color for the fair skin ladies  they can apply this color in all season because  it suits on the fair color  if you are going in the party or any get together party  then you can apply this color with the  silver glitter shades  and thick mascara if you want to  make outline on the lipstick then  match the lip pencil with the lipstick and blend it  accurately if you are teen age girl then you can apply it  in the school parties ,college and the other events.

Peach gold lipstick:

2. Best lipstick color for ladies

Peach color is mostly liked by the young girls because it is light color and for the summer season it is good if you have an olive skin tone then you should go with the peach gold color try to use the same matte color for the party if you are going on the beach side party and at the place of mate peach lipstick you can apply the lip glow also this is best for those girls who like to keep the golden brown hair. Tan skin girls also apply the peach color lipstick it can also go well.

Bold red lipstick:

3. Best lipstick color for ladies

Red color is mostly like by those girls who  are sex appealing  many sexy girls apply the red color  lipstick  the girls who have the medium  color skin tone they can  apply bold red lipstick  with the  winged eyeliner and the  fish eye style eyeliner with this lipstick you can apply the  mettle color and copper color eyeshades and the  brown blush on  it is nice for the  parties and  you can apply the bold red color lipstick  with the thick  eyebrows.

Bubblegum pink colors:

4. Best lipstick color for ladies

In the  summer mostly  nude colors and the light col.ors are used for the lipstick  because it is  cool  and give you cool effect  if  you have medium  tone skin then you can use the bubblegum pink color  with the  mustard shade   on your eyes and you can apply it in your daily routine because it is not too much dark  mostly the  boho girls like this color they apply it on their wedding or any functions. You can use the stone under your lips it is a new trend because it look nice on your glowing skin.

Beige color:

5. Best lipstick color for ladies

Beige color is very light color but it look cool it is good for the rustic inspired brides they can apply this shade with  your metallic color eye shade it is so glamorous and give you a romantic look  if you have tan skin then it is also good for you the  teen age girls also apply this lipstick because it is so light  and attractive  if you want to go for trip then it is nice choice.

Bragndy color:

6. Best lipstick color for ladies

Mostly the maroon ,blood red, burgundy and magenta color is used by the senior ladies they like to apply the  dark colors  because they  think that they are  owner  of their houses then they should  show  their personality mature  so the working ladies also use these shades   rose red lipstick is good for the dark skin tone ladies and the  maroon is nice for the  fair skin tone  ladies.



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