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MakeUp Tips That Will Make Your Look Super Sexy

makeup tips for super sexy look (8)

Makeup has great importance in all females’ life because it makes them beautiful and enhances the beauty of the face features. A lady never goes out of the house before doing Makeup whether she is going to college for study, going to market for shopping, to office for work, for party and to visit someone.

Makeup plays a great role to make a lady more beautiful and no one can deny the importance of Makeup. Apart from other things there is also a wide variety of Makeup and different types of Makeup is used for different events as light Makeup is always best for casual wear, dark makeup for parties and heavy Makeup for brides.

If you want to please your beloved and want a sexier look then post is for you because we are giving you some useful makeup ideas for sexy look. Two things are more important for sexy makeup look as your eyes and your lips and men are also attracted with bigger eyes and fuller lips so try to focus them more.

Use a primer because it not only makes a smooth base for your makeup to build on but also stays your makeup in place for a long time. Apply the right shade of foundation and concealer on your face and bled it well.

If you want a natural look then choose a natural hued pink, brown or golden shadow, this will help your eyes pop. Your eyes makeup does not have to be dramatic to be sexy, try tight lining both the top and bottom waterlines with black.

or brown then loading on the lengthening mascara for a simple look that really pops and for glamorous sexy look, use highlighter at the inner corners of both eyes. If you are down to experiment then try pairing the look with plenty off blush and bronze and pale pink lips. The effect will be subtly sexy almost like you are not wearing makeup at all.

If you want to be a rocker chic and you want to bring focus to your eyes then start with the super smoky eyes makeup, using a good concealer is a first step. Dab some concealer over your eye lid and blend it well as it will serve as a base for your eye shadow to adhere to.

Use a shadow color scheme that matches your skin tone if you have fair skin tone then take black color eye shade and blend it well with your fingertips to create a matt appearance. Wear your black dress with heavy earrings, smoky eyes and dark red glossy lipstick, messy bun hairstyle and paint your finger nails with red color also.

Messy hair, dark brown matt lipstick, lush lashes and glowing skin is such a hot and sizzling look. The soft opalescent light reflected all over the face of the girl but not in a greasy way, absolutely gorgeous. If you want to get this flawless highlighted skin, highlight your forehead, chin, cheeks and temples too.

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