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Ways and Ideas for Women of Controlling Panic Attacks

5. ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks

Few ideas which can help you to control panic attacks

0 ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks

Panic is a hysteria, fear, terror, anexiety, frustration, dismay dread and fight. Panic attacks are mostly comes when you are fed up with the dull routine of life .panic attack is a name and it doesn’t means attack like heart attack, epilepsy etc are not in included in panic attacks rather panic attacks are come due to the much stress and monotony. These attacks are mostly common in ladies because they are so much moody and short tempered. Women are very soft creation of God but when the misbehave and bad treating is presenting then women become harsh and callous .When you have felt panic attacks then you should control yourselves because many diseases can be occur due to it like chest pain, headache, problem in breathing, muscles problem, decrease sex drive, termos, sweating etc are very famous diseases. When you are in so much stress then panic attack is a natural act because when you feel your selves helpless and you have no any way to justify yourselves then you should feel yourselves frustrated and dread and the animal of youselves becomes alive because every man is a social animal and at the time of anger and anxiety that animal comes outside. So here I have different tips which are helpful for you at the time of panic attacks.

Tips to control your panic attacks:

Many quarrels, diseases, financial problem, misbehaving and oppress your ego is the main reason of panic attacks but you can control it otherwise you will prey in to many incurable diseases. First of all when any quarrel is start then you should keep calm and listen the other points and then you should speak if you keep your speaking start and the other is also continue then the fight become at to the peak.

Keep your breathe normal

because when you are fighting with someone then your heart beat become so fast then you should breathe steadily and long long breathing can also help you to control panic attacks. If you are feeling that your heartbeat is running and pulse is also very fast working then you should keep calm and take deep breathing otherwise you can indulge many breathe problems.

Make a routine of massage

1.  ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks

sometimes when we become much tired and much stress on your mind then you should go in to saloon and take a massage because sometime so much fatigueless and tiredness become the cause of panic attacks .If you don’t afford the saloon then you can take a bath with some adorable flowers and different hubs with Luke warm water .When you go in to the washroom for showering then laying in the bath tub and massage on your scalp and massage on your all muscles specially on your shoulders.

Make your sleeping routine good

4. ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks

many panic attacks are due to the vigil and sex addiction ladies because when you remain awake at all nigh then you whole day remain dizziness and giddiness therefore you should sleep proper and eight hour sleep in a day is compulsory for all human beings. Many ladies who want to sex for many time when her husband ignore her and not ready for sex and romance then also a alarm of panic attack and when panic attack comes the matter of quarrel so you should control yourselves if your husband is not agree at that time then you should not mind and if you have slumber problem then take your full sleep it can also control your panic attacks.

Use of tea,coffee,drink,nicoteen

should reduce because these things are good for our health and taste but when we use it excessively then we have to face depression,anixety and panic attacks because excess of everything is bad when you take a thing which is full useful for you but a thing which has benefits it has also reaction .If you are prey in the habit of smoking then leave this habit and drink water when you feel panic attack and splashes of cold water is best way to control panic attacks.

Club and disco parties

should not joined by these peoples who are much sensitive because the crowd and the noise can’t bear by you and you feel as so much headache and your head will burst soon and if you have the problem of panic attack so much then you can’t enjoy the light of club which are very sparkling and shining .Very dark and plenty of lights can also give the strokes of panic.

Yoga ,exercise and walk

2 ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks

is compulsory for everyone because when you get up get up early in the morning and go for a walk and take exercise and do different yoga steps then you feel your whole day very active and fresh and when your brain is fresh then everything is well because all panic attacks anxieties and frustrations due to the mind stress when your mind will feel relive then automatically you will able to control panic attacks .In the morning take long breathe in cool and fresh breeze and if you feel panic attacks then blow a shopping bag with your mouth air and burst it.

Chocolate and multivitamins dose

panic attack is very awful disease sometime it s due to the burden of work and many other problems which are not handled by you so use dark chocolate it help you to reduce panic attacks and due to the depression and hysteria you become very smart weak then you should use multivitamin tablets which are very best for you if you are pregnant and panic attack is also come then it can effect on the health of your baby and it become the cause of abortion .So when you feel panic attacks then not hurt yourselves and consult with your doctor.


3. ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks  5. ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks 6. ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks 7. ways and ideas for women of controling panic attacks

Bonus tips:

Panic attack are very horrible for the human life and it can cause very dangerous diseases so try to control it because it can spoil your relations and if you want to get rid of frustration then live your daily bore routine and go on a trip with your family and friends and enjoy the nature it can help you to change your mind. My dear guys keep calm and enjoy the life.


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