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Foods that Makes you feel Drowsy & Foods that Create Insomnia Problem

Best and Worst Foods for Sleep (3)

Best Foods for Good Sleep & Worst Food that can ruin Your Night Sleep:

Sleep is very necessary especially if you want to look fresh on the best & want to work like an active guy. Sleep, is the best way to relax your body & get some energy so that you can perfumes your duties. It is also a fact that a person cannot live alive without eating food. Food is also necessary to increase your energy level. At the starts of day, when we wake & at the end of day when want to sleep, during this period we eat lots of food item & drinks different types of juices, tea & beverages without knowing which food is best for us & which one is worst. We eat the food that we want to eat. Sometimes the overeating leads to disturbs our night sleep & similarly when you sleep with empty belly then it also disturbs you a lot of time at midnight. Do you know that there are some food items which are helpful for night sleep & there are some food items that are worst for your sleep especially when you eat these before bed time. What you should do? The answer is very simple try to avoid to eat those food items that are worst for sleep & try to include good sleepy food items into your night time dinning. Now you may be thinking how you can get info about what food items are best for sleep & what are worst? So, dear don’t worry because on this page you can get complete details about it. Read the following points & get info!

Worst Food for Sleep:

0 Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Here is the list of worst food items that ruin your night sleep. Read the points carefully & when you want to sleep then try to avoid eating these items.

1.    First one is the alcohol, when drink alcohol based drinks then it gives you restless sleep, it adds headaches & you feel as you are sweating at night.
2.    Try to avoid eating the fat dinner at night because as much your dinner will be fattier, the less sleep you will get at night.
3.    Try to avoid eating those food items before bedtime which are high in fat because these food items needs time for digestion & in this way your digestion system starts to work & you can sleep well.
4.    When you eat fatty foods then it can leads towards the uncomfortable sleep with heartburn or stomach problems.
5.    Try to avoid eating the too much Spicy Food before bedtime. It causes heartburn & ultimately become a cause of sleep disruption.
6.    Try to avoid drinking the Caffeine before bed time.
7.    The fast food items eating before sleep-such as Burger and Fries-is not a good idea.
8.    When you eat heavy meals at night then it makes active your digestion system & can cause lots of trouble at night due to lots of trips to the bathroom.
9.    Protein based food always takes time to digest. So, keep the protein food at a Mini level especially before sleep.
10.    Chocolate also contains on caffeine. So, avoid it at night time.
Best and Worst Foods for Sleep (1)

Best Food for Sleep:

Best and Worst Foods for Sleep (2)

Now let’s talk about those food items that you can eat before bed time & these food items relaxes your mind & body. Consequently you feel drowsy & get a better sleep at night. So, follow these food items list & get rid from insomnia.

1.    Try eating a combination of Cereal & Milk because it light weight, easily digestively & makes you feel relax. Ultimately you will get better sleep.
2.    Try making a glass of milk, taking lukewarm milk, adding honey in it & sprinkling some nutmeg powder on it. Mix it well & drink. It wills surely makes you feel relax & you feel drowsy.
3.    Bananas contains on high levels of magnesium which a muscle relaxant, so eating banana before bed time can make your night sleep very well.
4.    Tart Cherry Juice always helpful in order to improve the eminence & period of sleep. It is best to treat the insomnia problem.
5.    From the ancient time a drink that is used before bed time is the Warm Milk. It contains on calcium & calcium always makes you relax & you feel good to sleep while deficiency of calcium can cause disturbed sleep.
6.    Soybeans are also called sleep-promoting food because these contains o such amino acid that have sufficient levels of calcium & calcium promotes good sleep.
7.    Tryptophan based food items nuts and seeds, Walnuts, honey & eggs etc are also best for good sleep.
8.    Try to eat spinach because it also contains on sleep promoting tryptophans.
9.    Valerian tea is best for aid sleep.
10.    Peppermint tea is also helpful for good night sleep.

Best and Worst Foods for Sleep (3)


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