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5 Ways To Speed Up Metabolism


Your routine life matters a lot in increasing or decreasing the rate of metabolism because it can be changed and not a fix thing. With your proper diet and routine life you can make your metabolism high that will definitely help you to burn more calories and lose your weight. To eat less is not a good or helpful thing in reducing weight, instead you should eat food high in protein that will make your metabolism high and will provide energy to your body.

In this way your body will not face the problem of shortage of food resulting in the burning of muscle tissue that can cause visceral fat. In order to burn the calories it is very important to eat right and nutritional things that can make your metabolism work fast. Some important steps that you can take to boost your metabolism are given below;

Eating protein boost metabolism;


The combination of exercise and protein can help in speeding up the rate of metabolism. When you do exercise, the size of your muscles increase that require more amino acids, the building blocks of protein. When you provide these amino acids in the form of protein the muscles mass also got bigger in size. These muscle mass can increase basal metabolic rate that increases the rate of metabolism. So exercise and intake of protein both are essential for each other. Proteins also stimulate TEF, thermic effect of food, the process that helps in burning the calories. The digestion of proteins speeds up metabolism more, as compare to the other nutrients. So proteins are helpful in boosting metabolism.

Drink a lot of water;


Drinking a lot of water can increase the rate of metabolism. Water boosts the metabolic rate within 10 minutes although it reaches in 30-40 minutes. Drinking water before meal will make you eat less. As the amount of water solves many other problems it also helps in reducing weight indirectly. S drink large amount of cold water to have a defined body shape.

Try to stand up more than sitting;


According to a research people who do work sitting for a long time burn less calories. This results in slowing down the metabolism. If you are invested to work at desk for a long time try to take intervals in which you can move around for some time instead of keep sitting for a long time. People who keep active doing work with movement have high metabolism. Have a long walk before at night and try to eat food at least two hours before going to bed.

Add green tea in your diet;


Green tea and oolong tea help to kick over the metabolic rate. These teas help in transforming fats into fatty acids that increases fat burning by 10-17%. If you are doing a job in which you need to keep sitting for long hours, green tea provide you the opportunity to make less the threat of weight gaining. Alternately you can drink coffee if not green tea. Coffee can also speed up metabolism 3-11%. Both coffee and green tea stimulates fat burning.

Have a proper sleep;


Lack of sleep can lead to obesity because sleep deprivation cast negative effects on metabolism. This may also damage your appetite-regulating hormones. People who sleep less feel hungry and face the problems of weight gaining.  It is observed that people who enjoy long sleep have active thyroid gland and fast metabolism while those who sleep for few hours have slower thyroid gland and metabolism rate.


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