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Ideas to Make The Hair Long and Shiny


Hair is the beauty of the ladies it is very important for the ladies it attracts the men very much and hair are good  that are shiny ,fresh and silky because the long hair is mostly ladies have but there is no natural  beauty remain because we use the chemical  shampoo in a large amount and these chemicals snatch the real beauty of the hair .now a day’s many ladies are worried due to the hair falling anti dandruff and their roughness  .

in the dry hair no hairstyle can adjust and the no hairstyle look good  so you should adopt these ideas which are good for the nourishment of your hair if these things are not good for your hair then there is also not a side effect of it. When your hair is starting to fall then it doesn’t mean that you are becoming old and your youth is getting finish it means your scalp is weak and you have any problem in your head skin you should take care of your hair and use the homemade things to make your hair strong and grow faster.

Healthy diet:

For the development of your hair you should eat balanced diet because due to the any vitamins ,minerals and proteins your hair start to fall and the  process of growing your hair become slow  eat the fish , juices and the vegetables too much because all the natural things  for the shiny hair your hair  have need to  proteins which we get from the fish meat  it is good for the growth of the hair and the juices are good for the scalp and the grain which is  good way to get calories  and in the proper amount all the things are compulsory for the  growth of your hair.

Beware from fakes:

In the market fake things are found in a large number the ladies who have not too much idea that what is fake and what is real  they use the shampoo in their hair  twice in a week  so if you want to use the shampoo then always go with the branded things  and  buy from the trustable shopkeeper  don’t use the  shampoo  too much time in year  before shampooing you can use the mayonnaise for make your hair longer and the shiny .don’t scratch on your scalp when you are washing your hairs because due to the scratching too much oil is released and your hair start to fall. Use the conditioner in your hair after the shampooing  if you don’t use the conditioner then mayonnaise is good and the vinegar massage is also good for the shiny hair.

Oiling and massage:

For the proper nourishment your hair have need to apply the oil in proper quantity oil is good for the scalp and due the massage of the oil  your blood remain in circulation  you can use any oil for your hair mustard oil is best but if you want to get a good result then you can add two or three oil more in it  means almond oil ,olive oil ,coconut oil and the  heat it up on the fire and when it become mild then massage it with the pores f your fingers very softly and   use the wide bristles  comb in your hair because it keep your hair straight.

Away from the color and dyes:

The ladies who want to keep their hair long and grow faster than they should away from the hair dyes because due to the hair dye you can be indulge in the skin cancer and the  your hair become quite rough and the natural shine of your hair is vanished  if you are using the color then it should be  not added too much chemicals and the other harmful things for the good color you can use the mehandi  when you use the hair dye your hair start too much fall .

Trim your hair:

If you want that your hair should be healthy and  grow faster than you should  take proper sleep and remain stress free  do the meditation daily in the  garden and walk bare feet on the green grass .comb in your hair  twice a  day  don’t use too much straigthner and the curler in your hair it can burn your hair  and your hair  become deprive from the real beauty  ,at the end of the month trim your hair at the bottom because the  split ends  stop your hair growing  use the vitamin supplementary medicines because due to the deficiency of the vitamin c your hair stop to grow. Use the yogurt egg and the lemon at the weekend it makes your hair healthy and grow faster with shiny and silky touches.

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