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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Rough & Damaged Hair Beautiful

top 10 easy tips to get beautiful hairs (7)

How to Repair Unhealthy & Dull Hairs?

Hair always adds beauty in a person personality. Mostly hairs are associated with ladies because a lady without hairs looks very odd. So, I think for women it is very necessary to take care of their hairs. Hairs are great assets. So, be careful about hairs. If you hairs are rough, dull & unhealthy then dear it’s the right time to take action & become conscious about to fix these problems. Don’t worry the most effective & beneficial tips are available on this page. I am going to discuss how you can repair your damaged hairs with the help of these tips. Let’s starts!

1-Washing of Hairs:

0 top 10 easy tips to get beautiful hairsDaily washing of hair usually makes your hair dry & rough. So, I think the 2 to 3 day washing of hairs in one week is enough. If you have too much oil hairs then you can wash your hair daily but with moderate hair products.

2-How to Shampoo Hair?

Try to buy good quality shampoo. Buy a shampoo that suits your hair type. If you never know which one is best then try different brands & finally you will find the right one.

3-Hair Conditioning:

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Don’t forget to Condition your hairs because conditioning always helpful in order to solve detangled hairs problems. Conditioning makes your hairs softer & shinny.

4-Combing of Hair:

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When it comes to combing then once again you need to keep some points into your mind. For example, Comb your hairs with a wide tooth because it detangles hairs easily, try to comb from Bottom to upward. Comb hair at least two times in a day & not to comb in wet hair.

5-Hair Styling Tips:

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Never use Styling heat machines & blow dry on your hairs lots of time in a day or in a week or as well as in a month because the regular use of heating machines on hair for curling & straitening  or for blow dry can damage your hairs very badly. Don’t go with severe hair die because die can make your hairs harsh & similarly avoid the tight styles for long hours because compulsive pulling leads hair breakage problem.

6-Homemade Masks for Hairs:

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For making hair healthy you can use different homemade natural hair masks. In Homemade masks simple egg mask is best for hair, secondly you can try avocado, egg yolk & coconut milk or coconut oil hair mask, thirdly the honey and olive oil plus meshed Banana mask is also better option for dry hairs,    or fourthly you can use butter on hair before washing hairs. Try to wash hair with green tea. Hopefully, these tips will work. Use these masks before washing hair (almost 1 hour before) & then wash your hair.

7-Hair Scalp Massage:

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Try to nourish your hair scalps by massage with oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc.

8-Eat Healthy & Keep Hair Healthy:
top 10 easy tips to get beautiful hairs (6)Eat healthy food, make your body healthy from inside & see the results outside in the form of healthy hairs. The foods that are healthy for hair are listed in the picture. See, note down & add in your diet plan!

9-Avoid Stress:

top 10 easy tips to get beautiful hairs (7)

Avoid Stress & keep your mind healthy.

10-Regular Hair Trimming:

top 10 easy tips to get beautiful hairs (8)

Regular Trimming & cutting increase hair growth. Trim hair almost after 8 to 9 weeks.


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