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Easy 5 Steps to Repair Your Damage Curly Hairs

2 Steps to Repair Dry and Damaged Curls  (3)

Problems of curly hairs:

Curly hairs create the expression rough, dry and frenzy hairs. If we don’t care them it will easily produce the expression of cuticle or cracked which can’t cured by some additional help. If you are bearing curly hair and victim of damage hair then you will certainly worried about it and seeking for some quick treatment. Stay calm it couldn’t possible in few time. You have to take some positive steps and do something special to cure your hairs.

Here we are sharing some excellent hair repairing tips which are amazing for those who have curly hairs. these hair tips are efficiently working and have the dexterity of repairing your hairs. Through these tips you can change your appearance. Heavy thick curly hairs can be convert in soft and healthy  hairs. Those ladies who have rough curly hairs should stay with us to know the effective tips for making curly hairs repair and again in fashion tine.

Let’s explore beneficial uses of these excellent tips.

Chemicals are not friend of you:

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Chemicals leave poor effect at the natural beauty of hairs. if you have curly hairs then stay away from heavy chemical products. Chemical process as hair coloring, straightening, bleach and texturizer have maximum changes of damaging hairs, bit if you are eager to apply one f them then keep in mind less quantities of the products.  After such processes, moisturize your hairs as soon as possible to stay away from the hair damage.

Stay away from heating products:

2 Steps to Repair Dry and Damaged Curls (3)

For curly hairs heating processes are enormously harmful. It can easily burn your hair or leave them as lifeless. Stop thinking that from heavy heating process you can straight your hairs, it will leave the effect of more unbearable and rough hairs. After shower stay away from the use of dryer and let you hair dry naturally. Be gentle with your damage hairs to make them healthy instead of using heavy treatments.

Use protein treatment:

3 Steps to Repair Dry and Damaged Curls (5)

Protein treatment is best for repairing damage curly hairs. For coarse curly hairs protein treatment is excellent. You can create your own protein treatment at home. Take sufficient quantities of Aloe Vera, egg, honey, banana, conditioner and mayonnaise and blend them all. Apply this treatment art your wet hairs and or best results leave it for whole night and wash your hairs early morning. It will sustain the need of moisturizing also.

 Hot oil massage:

4 Steps to Repair Dry and Damaged Curls (4)Hot oil massage has also excellent consequences for damage curtly hairs. Damage hairs respond well to the oils and deep conditioning processes. Repeat the oil massage at least once in a week. Start from virgin olive oil, heat this oil in a bowl for 1 to 2 minutes. You can add some other beneficial ingredient according to the recommendation and mix them well. Make your hairs wet and divide your hairs in portions. Apply hot oil in all sections gently. Wait for 45 minutes and then was your hairs with soft natural base shampoo.

Do & don’t for curly hair damage:

5 Steps to Repair Dry and Damaged Curls (2)

For damage curly hairs believe upon moisturized based products and think about some extra care so that you can sustain the essentials ingredients which are required by your hairs.

Don’t go outside without covering your head. Sun UV rays are badly harmful for damage curly hairs. So put a sun hat or cover your hairs with fashion scarf to stay away from the effects of sunlight.

Bind your hairs in protective hairstyles as rolls and braids to save them from damage and irritation. Select comforted hairstyle if you are bearing hairs damage.


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