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Various Ways to give your life a Makeover as Teen’s Girls

0. Varios ways to give your life a makeover as a teens girls

 How to make my life good as a teen age girl

0. Varios ways to give your life a makeover as a teens girls

In the teen age   we are not too much mature and not such ability to understand  the things properly  so we should be spend our life in a good way and according to a proper schedule  the teen ages  people need a good start then they will be able to get easily move forward  and if the people will   understand the weaknesses of the teen ages  then the problem can be solve  they are perfect but they have need to do make over their personality like the girls they  look good in the decent dresses  but they have to do make up for their much grooming  and we are talking about the overall grooming of the teenagers mentally and the  apparently because they are not  well expert to keep their things on the place  and when     the  girl is moving toward the growing age then we should  do  her little work daily because it  habit  will develop in her nature and  steadily she  will be expert in the  domestic works. So here I have some tips and ideas that can make you something good in the eyes of other and you will be able to move in the   society.

•    First of all we move toward your bedroom which is your personal place and where you can easily  do according to your wish  and the closet is the main thing which you have to need to keep it clean  and your  all the things are on the place .first of all if you  kept the dirty clothes in the  closet then put out it and keep it in the dirty clothes or washing machine and if your dresses are scatter here and there in the cupboard then fouled your all clothes and keep it in good arrangement.

1. Varios ways to give your life a makeover as a teens girls

•    Keep all the formal and fancy dresses in one side and the other casual dresses keep it another place  and when you  need to wear it then  put out and wear .it is good for you that   do press your all dresses in the weekend then whole weekend you feel easy and the pressed clothes can be carried at any time.
•    Make a separate place for the jackets, sweater, cardigans and the blazer   and the night dress leggings, tights and pajamas etc are keep at   a separate place.
•    Now it’s time to keep clean your  study table and the computer table  first of all if you see the pile of books  and note books  on your table  then clear your table  keep all the art thing in one drawer  if any drawer is made in your study table only the computer system can be lying on the table .
•    Where you sleep this place should be comfortable and relaxed because in the night if you sleep   comfortably then you will be active and fresh in the morning  so make your bed clean   so strip  your bed sheet from your bed and keep it in the washing machine  and  select a new  bed sheet for your bed and put it on  your bed  select such bed sheet which are  comfortable  in the summer always go with the light colors and after  the sheet put the pillow on the bed.
•    Arrange your book shelves and keep your all the books in an order   keep the entire important thing at one place and the spare books like story book funny jokes etc books are kept in the separate book shelves.
•    Sit down for a minute and think about your personality because you can think well about yourselves than the other so think about your future career that you want to adopt in the future and if you are feeling healthy to yourself then start exercise and walk daily because exercise and walk keep you healthy and smart and make your eating schedule that in which time you should eat or what to eat. Maintain your eating routine and much use of salad with the fresh water.
•    Now it’s time to groom yourselves  when you will maintained your room then grooming yourselves   comb in your at night time and make your hair   good  and  if you want to make the curly hairstyle for the  function  at night and straight it at night . Apply the BB cream on your face because you have sensitive skin and if you use pan cake and the base  then it look so blemish and stained  a little quantity of primer  or concealer apply on your eyes because in the summer the fear   is to spread under your  eyes.  Apply light mascara and the eyeliner for the good party look and never the lipstick because it gives you a stylish formal look.


2. Varios ways to give your life a makeover as a teens girls 4. Varios ways to give your life a makeover as a teens girls 5.Varios ways to give your life a makeover as a teens girls 6. Varios ways to give your life a makeover as a teens girls 7. Varios ways to give your life a makeover as a teens girls


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