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Top 7 Benefits Of Fasting For Human Body You Should Know


Fasting means not to eat and drink anything for some period of time. it may sound a bit scary or more toward people to live for several hours without eating and drinking anything including water.  There are many reasons for fasting. One can fast for spiritual, physical or mental fitness.

There are numbers of benefits of fasting which can make you attracted toward fasting exercise for at least one moth in year.
Here are some of health benefits of fasting.

Lose weight and belly fat:

Many studies have shown that weight lose is greater in human body when it fasts. Fasting allows the body to burn fat. As one is not allowed to eat something so body use stored fat to get energy and thus shows increments in burning excess fat.

Improve brain function and mental clarity:

Fasting is said to be good for increasing brain function and mental clarity. During fasting, our body produces BDNF. BDNF stands for brain – derived neurotrophic factor. It is helpful in activating brain stem cells and converts it into neurons which promote brain health.

Help in prevention of cancer:

There is much medical evidence and studies which have proven that fasting may help body to fight against cancer. It also lowers effects of chemotherapy for patients who have cancer.

 May help you live longer:

Studies have shown that life spans of people and their age may be increased based upon their diets.  There have been test done on rats. It has shown that 83% of rats live longer who have fasted as compared to rats who don’t have fasted.

 Beneficial for cardio health:

Heart disease is considered as worldwide killer for now.  Fasting process may hel human body to fight against blood pressure, high cholesterol level and much more factors that can increase risk of heart attack.

Fasting helps in improving eating patterns:

In current times, people have developed out unnecessary eating habits which have adverse effects on health. Fasting for all day and eating at appropriate time may help in development of habit of eating at appropriate time.

Fasting can curb hunger:

Fasting helps in regulation of hormones in your body so that you can feel what hunger really is. Longer you fast, longer the time your body gets to regulate hormones.


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