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Style & Grooming Advices for Men by a Woman’s Perspective

0 grooming advices for men from a woman point of view

Women Outlook about Men Style, Dressing & Grooming:

As we know that in this modern age every girl want to impress the other girl & every boy want to impress other boy & similarly both genders want to impress the each other. For this purpose they outer look counts a more. Yes, a person who dressed & speaks can become a heartthrob. We are also aware from the fact the other people sometimes helps you a lot in order to choose best for you. Similarly, with the help of different surveys, our different analysts try to know what men like about women & what women like about men. So, today’s topic is also very closely related from these surveys. Yes, today, I am going to share a woman’s perspective about a man grooming, dressing & style. Hopefully, after knowing their view the men will be able to bring a positive change into their look & personality. Let’s starts!

1-Men Dressing from a Woman Perspective:

0 grooming advices for men from a woman point of view

The men dressing according to a woman perspective should be done in an organized way. Men should wear neat & clean dresses. The outfit pairings should be done wisely &chose right fit. Don’t go over tight clothes. You need to step out a little in style. You should avoid wearing baggy pants, shorts, flowering print shirts, girl inspired clothes because woman never like such dressing style. Try to add a versatile range of clothes into your wardrobe. Add denim; button up, basic tee, cardigan, jackets, vest, winter clothes, summer clothes, formal wear, office wear, casual wear etc.

2-Men Footwear from a Woman Viewpoint:

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A man who appear in old & ragged shoes then he fails to impress lady because it signifies that you never take care about yourself. So, always buy new shoes, buy shoes for daily wear, buy for formal & buy for weekend wear. Similarly buy a collection of socks. It is a fact that shoes are the expression of your style & women at first glance look towards shoes so if never wear right one then your impression will be ruined due ratty & old shoes.  So, don’t forget to invest in good quality leather shoes in black & brown, loafer or moccasin for casual wear & flip flops etc. Always choose outfit-appropriate footwear.

3-Woman Perspective about Men Body Hair or Manscaping:

close-up of a man checking his hair in the mirror

Mostly Women (almost 70 to 80 percent out of 100 percent) don’t like a man who shaves their body hair because these women think that when men shave their hair from body then they look feminine. Women never like shaved legs of men. Similarly, if you have lot of hair on body that look like money so trim these hairs these hairs because women never want a monkey like men. Moderate hairs on chest are OK but if there is a lot then trimming is necessary. Women said that a bald men (without hair) look like a little boy. So hairs on men body are sign of masculinity. Furthermore cleanliness is the key to look stunning. Brush your teeth daily & make your smile harming. Take shower daily.

4-Men Haircut & Hairstyle:

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Men should pay attention towards their haircut. Women said that a man with set wet hair looks more handsome. So, regular trimming or cutting of hair is necessary. Choose a haircut by keeping your face shape into the mind. Keep your hair texture, volume & length into the mind. Visit a salon & take expert advice. Style your hair by using gel.

5-Soft & Moisturized Hands:

Your skin should be moisturized, especially try to keep your hands skin smooth & soft. Women like to shake hand when you have mannish but smooth hands.

6-Men Wrist Watch:

grooming advices for men from a woman point of view (5)

Wrist watch actually adds a very graceful touch into your personality. According to women, men should always wear man’s style wrist watch not like a kid’s style watch. So, select one that is striking & dazzling.

7-Way of Greeting & Be Confidence:

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Your way of greeting should be confident but be friendly don’t show over-confidence. Create your own signature style, a firm hand shake, eye contact; warm smile & confident talk are the key rules of a successful meeting.

8-Way of Talking:
grooming advices for men from a woman point of view (8) You should speak on every topic very fluently. It is possible only when you pay attention towards the improvement of your way of talking, you need to improve your dictionary, grammar, pronunciation, read books for knowing new words, get knowledge about current affairs & improve way of talking.

9-Use Fragrance:

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Use fragrance. Always buy branded that long lasts.


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