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Some Easy Tricks how to look Shorter if you are Tall

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You cannot do anything to shorten your height but with some tricks you can make an illusion of short height of a tall girl. Well tall guys have sometime problem of buying right size dresses for them and are the main attraction to people with their huge height that’s why mostly tall girls are self conscious and even lose their confidence in a get together. Hey girls don’t react too much in fact you are blessed with long height and ask to petite girls who have lots of problem handling height. First of all be confident at your height as you are different to others. But to shorten yourself you can do such things to your lifestyle and fashion that will help you in looking short.

Slouching will make you look older and create body problems

Yet slouching will make you look shorter but don’t slouch at all as it will make you look older and you are indulged in back problem. Anyways it is not a god way to posture yourself in right manner just for the purpose of looking short. Avoid such things after all you have your own persona and make it prominent.

Posture yourself in crowd and get together

If you are tall and have to go out somewhere around many people then try to posture yourself in good position. If you are standing along a crowd then try to stand with tall people as it will not make you prominent in small people.

Avoid standing near small people

Do avoid standing near short height people it make you look taller than your actual height and become a cause of noticing people more.

Take your right positions at different places

Set your right position in a way that if you are talking someone at stairs then stand step down to that very person. If you are in a party and some people stand while other are sitting then prefer the people who are sitting at chairs as it will not create a problem of looking taller.

Choose a correct pair of shoes

Yes shoes are your best friend who tells about the height. Always go with round toe shoes and avoid pointy footwear that makes you taller than ever. Pair of flats is a correct choice for a tall girl.

Maximum 3 inches heel for tall girls

If you have a chance to go at part6y then surely it’s a first preference of a party to wear high heels and surely there would be a panic. But the maximum heel for tall girls is suggested 3 inches high take care of the heel shoes it may not be in pointy pattern.

Dressing code for tall girls

You have to be choosy to your dressing style. By following and avoiding some dressing styles you can make an illusion of being short. Long shirts and tops, long jackets and blazers, sweaters and long cardigans are best for you. But be sure the fabric pattern may not be in vertical however wearing horizontal patterns to look short.

Have a correct hair style

A hairstyle also defines your style to make you look petite pixie; flick and layered hairs are good to you. Avoid bumps anyways.

Maintain your look

Maintain your personality by selecting different color combination dresses. Avoid wearing tops and leggings in same color in fact try to make sure a color blocking effect. Besides don’t go with skinny and tights as it will elongate your legs more.

Don’t underestimate yourself

Be confident and this is not a good attitude to underestimate yourself with tall body. Instead of being self conscious explore yourself in other talents like modeling even practicing at home that will create a sense of admiring your height.

steps how to look shorter if you are tall (1) steps how to look shorter if you are tall (2) steps how to look shorter if you are tall (3) steps how to look shorter if you are tall (4) steps how to look shorter if you are tall


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