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Ideas to Write in Examination to Get Good Marks

How to write in exam paper to get good marks

Desire of good marks is passion of every good student. Students are read syllabus and attend classes during whole year to appear in examination and to get good mark. Some time despite good learning and maximum struggle, students do not achieve desired marks. It leaves very disappointing and dishearten impression upon students and also effects their further studies because they become victim of lose hope and think they can’t get good marks despite of hard working. In severe cases, students start blaming to their luck.

If you are not greeting marks in exams then definitely there are certain reasons behind this mishap. Here we are discussing this issue and going to share some benefits tips which will excellently help you in getting good marks in examination. You will find some awesome ideas to have desired marks in examination. A proper guideline and best way to attempt a question paper is going to be share here. Definitely you will find some excellent ideas from this post and prepare yourself to get amazing marks in exams. Let’s discuss these highly beneficial tips which will definitely help you in getting good marks in exam.

How to write in exam paper to get good marks
?    The very moment when you get question paper, read it thoroughly and make a schedule in your mind to deal with this paper.

?    Most of time students are made this mistake frequently that they misunderstand a question. Before attempt a question thoroughly read it and under the nature and demand of question then start to write its exact answer.

?    Time is one of most significant aspect to deal with question paper. Some students are paid extraordinary attention towards their first question and write unnecessary detail under the illusion of first expression is last expression. They can’t manage their time and find very short time to deal with other question. Most of time such students left their paper incomplete and it is main case of unwanted marks in papers.

?    if a question demands  lucid explanation in few lines or paragraph then avoid extra details because it will futile and bring no result for you because in examination system quality is matter much more than the quantity.

?    Give right explanation with satisfactory length to that question which demands lengthy answer. It will only possible in that condition when you manage your time rationally according to the demand of questions.

?    Give texture references and quotations of different scholars to define your statements and points which you are discussing in your paper.

?    When you are find your answer in significant length then divide it into paragraphs. Answers which are written in paragraphs to define the things thoroughly in logical way.

?    Before handover your paper, read it essentially. You have to manage at least 10 to 15 minutes to reread your paper so that you can cover those mistakes which you are made in writing answers hastily.

?    Avoid grammatical mistakes as these mistakes false the meaning of statement and produce very poor expression upon checker. So try to overcome your grammatical mistakes before sitting in examination hall and to do further in this regard read you paper to cover grammatical mistakes before handover it.

Friendly advice:

complete your paper at any cost and completely concentrate upon your paper to tackle that point excellently which is under your pin’s tip.


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